16 September 2007

Another finish for me

I have had Bent Creek's The Littles, Little Black Cat for over a year. I found it a couple months ago, and decided it would look really awesome stitched over one. Last night, after I went through all that floss, I decided to stitch it. I had all the floss and a piece of fabric I could use. It didn't take me very long. I just finished it now, and we've been out most of the day. Went to Mom and Dad's to clean in their basement. I found a bunch of cards from my senior year, and my last semester's tuition check. I had written "final tuition payment' on it, LOL. It was only $2842. What a bargain for tuition! That was only 9 years ago.

So I have another project finished. Not a big one, but a finish is a finish. I will try to post a pic of it, but it's less than an inch wide and high. So should not be too expensive to be framed, LOL. I am going to try to finish Country French cat in the next couple days, then work on some things for Mom.

We made our reservations for CATS on Friday night. I have to fax our class apps over tomorrow. YAY!

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Pumpkin said...

Picture! I want to see a picture :o)

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