20 September 2007

found a good storage solution

I have been searching for a box to put my Hummingbird Trellis Afghan in when I can't work on it, and I think I found a good one. I had been using various options, ranging from a Michael's bag--not good--to a plastic drawer from Target--not bad, not good, but not bad--to my personal favorite, the tin container that once held popcorn from Fisher's popcorn. Fisher's popcorn is an Ocean City institution, and, for my birthday last year, when Mom and I went down there, we bought a couple tubs. I figured they would be good for stitchy stuff, and what better reason to eat popcorn than for S.E.X? They do mailorder too. Anyway, not the point, and I ended up moving the project out of there, fearful, because, well, to be honest, I am paranoid. Now it's holding unwound floss to be put on bobbins, when I ever have time.
So I was looking for a better solution. I knew kinda what I wanted, but they didn't have them at Michaels. Frankly, Michael's ought to offer more storage solutions. What crafter has stash that fits in a small little container, or a basket? We need bigger things. I liked those cases they put scrapbooking papers in, but they weren't big enough. So, last night while waltzing around Staples to get a box to put the dog carrier in to ship it back to its owner(I know, boxes are like cats, if you are buying one, you have WAYYYY more money than sense, but I can not find a box around our house that would hold this dog carrier), I looked around, because, offices are FULL of sensible storage solutions--think of the last time you got yelled at because you had some object out of place on your desk--and found a little box. Well not so little, it's the case like I wanted:

Not as pretty as the Fisher's can's, which can be seen here:

But they are cheaper, and non-fattening.


Mindi said...

Nice find, I may have to pick up a couple of those. Right now I have part of my stash (all the things kitted up, or partially in progress) in a huge Rubermaid tub. Problem with that is I can't see what's in there if its below the 2nd or 3rd layer, so I've fogotten about 85% of the stuff. With these smaller see-through snap containers you found, I could organize the kitted stash a bit better, and maybe not forget about all of it!

Pumpkin said...

That's what my mom uses for her quilting! She loves it :o) It's going to be perfect.

Oh dear, popcorn...and they ship. Sigh!

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