10 September 2007

The Frog came visiting

I sat down to work on my afghan yesterday, and realized that I had backstitched the one square with backstitching in the wrong color. I am sure I could have fudged the color and changed it, but I like things to be right, so I spent the afternoon frogging it. Lesson learned: verify twice, count three times, and stitch once. I do not like the way it looks, as this fabric tends to pill. I don't know what to do, but I think it will tame down once it's fixed. And I won't do that again.

I also decided I am making a Little House Needleworks chart for my mom for Christmas. It's one that references the little brown hare, and we've had rabbits in the yard all summer. It's a very, how do I say this, Mom chart, with soft colors and a little bunny on it. She's looked at it at the LNS a couple times, and I think she would like that one. I don't even think it would be tooo expensive to have framed for her, either. I just have to figure out where I stuck it in my bedroom. I think it fell behind the trunk against the wall, but not sure.

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Pumpkin said...

What fabric are you using? I think the same way you do but still the frog can appear, especially when I'm tired ;o)

Oh, I love that chart! Good choice :o)

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