15 September 2007

Oh, what a day

Today was a really busy day for me. I have been a lax pet parent to Gus, though not entirely of my own choosing. Last summer, I wasn't really myself, and I wasn't doing much for the animals. I was feeding them, but they didn't get their checkups like they should have. Which I am not proud of, because they should have been my first priority, but I am trying to make up for that. So today was Gus' trip to the vet. That went pretty well, he peed in the carrier, which I am not happy about, but more because the people who made the carrier didn't make it so you can wash the cushion. I realize it was a dog carrier, but they still should have made it washable--it's an animal carrier, animals make fluids, it should be washed. But the vet thought it was pretty cute. I take that as high praise for my fashion choice, cause I'm sure she sees these every day Woo hoo, Target!

Anyway, we did go to the LNS to get my issue of the ornament issue. I got some other stuff--hello, this is me we're talking about. I bought Sleepy Hollow, which is not a bad chart. It is mostly DMC, with about 5 skeins of Weeks. I think I can get a nice piece of fabric for it at CATS. I would prefer giving Picture This Plus my money because I think they do a kick butt product. Now to choose what color and to decide if I want a sparkly or not. I also found a cute little limited edition chart from Waxing Moon to put on the paper box I bought at Hobby Lobby on vacation. But I was going through my floss when I got home to kit up Sleepy Hollow, and I realized just how unorganized I am. So I spent over an hour organizing floss. I still have a CRUDLOAD TO WIND ON BOBBINS. Arrrrgh. Anyway . . . Mom bought the Trail Creek farm pillow for a Val's Stuff chart she liked. It happened that I have the chart in my stash, I bought it some time last summer--don't remember exactly when, but I had it--and I have the buttons, so when I get two skeins of pansy purple floss, I can do that for mom. She asked why I hadn't stitched it yet, and I explained that the pillow cost $56. That was most of Gus' vet visit.

Oh, and I joined the library. I am stoked about that!

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Pumpkin said...

I think it's pretty unbelievable the things we find in our stash that we either forgot about or don't even remember buying ;o)

Poor Gus :o( The vet is a terrifying place although my two love our vet.

Yay! The library is good. That way you have more money for stash instead of buying books ;o)

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