22 September 2007

My First Hardanger Piece

This is the result of my class today. I am really proud of myself.
I got up at 6 AM this morning, again, thank God for the Salsa option on the alarm on my phone. So I got ready and was out in the car by 6:30. And I still managed to be late to class. I got mislocated on the road in Reading, and ended up about 20 miles out of the way. Fortunately they held class for me.
Hardanger is not as hard as it looks. I don't like the buttonhole stitch around the edges, but the other part was OK


Pumpkin said...

Great job Rachel!!!! See, not too hard is it? :o) Was it only one class?

Rachel S said...

Yep, just one. It was out of a beginner book. Of course, I have another project, I bought at Stitching Post today

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