25 September 2007


I found out Needle Necessities floss is going out of business. That kinda sucks. It's sorta like that co-worker who you barely knew, but figured they were OK, that got fired. You rarely ever saw them, you probably really didn't know what they did specifically, but they seemed pretty cool in the breakroom, and it's a shame to see them go. And I feel that way about that floss. I didn't use it a lot, but it was pretty when I did. I used one of their colors for that pretty sampler I did earlier this year.

So now I have a crisis. I have a skein that I bought for Hinzeit Lighthouses. Do I use that one, or keep it. Likewise, in the same Val's Stuff book for Halloween Night, there's a chart for a trick-or-treat bag, using a color I have. I don't know whether I should horde it or not. I know this is a stupid thing to ponder because I am trying not to waste money and I don't use it that much, but still . . . this is why I really prefer DMC, it never goes out of business. Someone was asking what we would do if they stopped making DMC the other day. I thought that was such a stupid question, they will not stop making DMC, and if they did for some reason, I would do kits.

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Pumpkin said...

I heard this :o( Luckily I kind of stocked up this past summer but I wish I had gotten more. Drat! They do have some lovely colors and it's a shame that they are going out of business. I say use them! That's what they are there for ;o)

What if DMC went out of business? I'd change over to Anchor...

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