19 September 2007

Still not sure what to do with the little cat

I am still figuring it out. It would probably be really cute to have it framed. I know Stitching Post carries teeny little frames, but they have 3 inch openings which would leave an inch on either side, which is kinda a big space. It might make a cute pin or necklace to add to my black cat collection. It's not really a seasonal design, so that helps, but I don't know. The problem with that is to find the silver or whatever in the right size and this was not designed to be over-one, I just felt like challenging myself. We'll see, I have time. I should probably take it over to the LNS and see what options they suggest.

I am almost finished with Country French Cat. It's been an OK stitch. I thought I would have it finished last night but I have a toothache and I just wanted to sleep last night. But it should be done today. I am going to do it a couple more times, once for my mom as a memorial ornament for Grampy--I was thinking since he was a light grey, doing it on navy blue so he pops, and then doing one for Brea and my other friend Samantha. I know Brea reads this, so pretend you didn't see that, B! If I were a sewer, I could make them into catnip toys, but I don't sew, LOL, and I know the last thing B needs is Scarlett Anne getting access to more catnip, LOL.


Judith said...

Don't know if you have adollhouse or know somebody with a dollhouse, but maybe a little pillow or bedcover for a dollhouse.

Pumpkin said...

I hope you're feeling better. A toothache is no fun :o(

Ohhhh, I like those designs :o) Where's the picture????

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