27 July 2008

A finished finish for me

I finally managed to finish something and get it finished in the same day. I NEVER do that! I am pretty proud of myself.

I finished the Prairie Grove Peddler freebie I worked on all week. It was a pretty quick fun stitch. I would have had it done sooner except for getting thrown off by Robbie's stunt. But I got it done yesterday while we were watching the NASCAR practice.

I wanted to get it done, but I don't have a lot of crafty stuff at SO's. So we stopped at Michael's on the way home from dinner (I tried something new--crispy hot wings with Old Bay on them--yummy!). I was running like mad around the store, grabbing ribbon and a fat quarter of a red fabric, along with pins and a glue gun--my craft room is proper now, it has a glue gun! I had foamcore in my car, SO was a little surprised that I had it, but it's not like I travel like that, I just had it cause I bought it this week. I had to borrow scissors and a tape measure from him, and he had to open my pins for me.

SO laughed a little watching me cut the foamcore. I told him he should appreciate how beautiful things turn out when he sees how jacked up the processe is. He said it was scary, LOL. Anyway, it went pretty smooth, I pinned and got it all under control. The only thing I would have changed if I were doing it now was that I would have had sewing supplies and sewn it, instead of hot glue. But, you do what you gotta do sometimes, and I wasn't going out at 9 to see if I could buy some.

It's a little bulkier than I like, but it's a good start. I left off the little flag buttons my LNS included in the kit for the freebie because I couldn't figure out where to put them, but it looks good.


Pumpkin said...

That's great! You'll have to post a picture of it :o)

~Julie~ said...

I'm glad you have it finished, Rachel! And in the self-same day, too! Wow! I will look forward to seeing a picture! As far as sewing vs. hot-gluing...I'll take the hot glue any day. I can't sew worth a hill of beans and I'm sure the glue gun works just as well! :) I'm sure it looks lovely!

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