31 March 2009

Can it be?

A day where I get to leave work IN SUNLIGHT? And actually go home? No stops? No major malfunctions? And I get to cook real food for SO and I to eat? And I might be able to put up pictures? And go for a walk because I feel well today? I better enjoy it now. Next week will be a bear. From the 5th to the 10th, I come home on time 1 night. Every other night is a late night. I'm not complaining, not really. It is what it is.

SO is away this weekend (I think I told y'all that, didn't I? If I did, sorry.). I have big plans. In addition to actually . . . dyeing floss (gasp, y'all, gasp) and going to Michaels to see if they have any tags I can use to put the dyed floss on for a project I am working on, I am actually going to attempt to go to a restaurant and eat by myself. That is one of my phobias, and I admire women who do it. I don't know why I am so scared of doing it, I just am. But, it's spring, I have big plans, and enough cash for breakfast, and no real reason NOT to go. So I'm doing it. And I'm opening an account in the rinky-dink bank in town. No better way to show commitment to my new hometown, right? I think there are like 4 branches in the state, but I want something close, with a personal feeling to it. Maybe they'll see the brilliance of my "Dyeing floss to buy a farm" campaign, and loan me the money to buy the farm outright. Or not . . .

I'm starting the kitty afghan out of Cross Stitcher (US) Jan 09 issue tomorrow (I think I told you that too, didn't I? Batting a thousand today, LOL). It's funny. It feels like an EVENT. I went and bought big needles yesterday at lunch so that I could stitch comfortably. I noticed the other day that my size 28 needles feel small and flimsy to me for some reason. I don't know why, but I feel compelled to use a size 26, and, for an afghan, I prefer a 24. Is that wierd? Anyway, it does look like a fairly straight-forward stitch. The kitties aren't that big, and there's not that many of them.

Not much else is happening. I haven't been buying much of anything lately. I did find a length of muslin in AC Moore yesterday, though, and, since going to Joanne's isn't exactly a 2 second trip, and I want to do a Raggedy Anne primitive stitchery that I promised to pass on to Louise, I bought the package of muslin and a blue ink pen. I hope it goes a little better than the first one I did went. I might as well have had SO's 3 year old nephew draw it, based on how well I did tracing it. I just have to slow down. And I bought some Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe floss on E-bay. Vonna was using it, and it looked so pretty and is so nicely priced. I can't resist a deal.


Vonna said...

It's beautiful to work with the VMSS threads :) Hope you love them like I do! I'm sure you will ;)

CindyMae said...

I am looking forward to seeing the afghan you will be doing!!! Glad that you actually got out of work on time once anyway! LOL

Pumpkin said...

I've seen that floss in EBay and wondered what it was like. It's very pretty in the pictures.

Can't wait to see your afghan. I know the feeling when you talk about the needles. It takes some time to get used to the smaller ones again :o)

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