11 March 2009

Stuff . . .


I am still in the midst of my cupboard sampler stitch-a-thon. It's going to be a hard push to get it all finished in time for Saturday, when I am giving these to SO's family at his niece's St. Patrick's Day parade. But I'll do it. I'm off on Friday (yes, I do work regularly, it's just I'm off a lot this month) to go to Woodlawn Needlework show, so I'll have time. Otherwise, I see a long night in my sewing room.

I am pretty pleased with myself, though. I went for the fabric yesterday at Joann's, and, after not really finding a lot of choices in the holiday fabrics (though there were some good patriotic fabrics available-SO thinks it's funny that I was adamant I have to go back before the 4th), I found some really pretty choices in the quilting section. I saw one that was a very Venetian feel, green on a black background, and I thought, "SO would LOVE that," and got it. I'll do our version of this on black, so it will look better. Not only is it good for this holiday, I can see it for a Christmas chart in green. So it was a good buy. And I got home, and he loved it. He said the other ones I chose were a little busy. I had to tell him holiday fabric tends towards the busy, LOL. But I'm pleased that I know him so well.

I need to stock up on some spring fabrics, but I found the perfect fabric to back the kitty afghan I am going to start soon. It had a blue that complemented the blue in the design, so I couldn't leave it there--I learned from the great Meow fabric debacle of 2007, you don't leave cute fabric when you find it. You hoard it like gold until you find a use for it. The use will be there, the fabric might not be. It was on sale and reasonably priced, so I bought three yards for $12. And fondled it lovingly when I got back to the office.

I am enjoying using SO's Tahoe. I never quite realized from the passenger seat just how imposing that truck is. And how empowering.It isn't a car I see myself driving all the time, but I like the heated seats. I haven't even turned the heater on, because I turned the seat on. It's not as terrifying to drive as I thought it would be. Of course, people seem to be moving out of my way quite willingly. And then I ruin the effect by opening the door and exiting it by sliding down the seat and hopping out. But I am grateful to SO for letting me borrow it. It is a privilege.

I am hoping to get my car back by Friday, though. I don't feel comfy driving the Tahoe to Alexandria for Woodlawn. Usually I meet up with a group of ladies to go, but this year, it's just Mom and I. I can't believe it's halfway through March already, and just two weeks left to see the show. If you are close enough to the DC area that going is possible, please make an effort to get down there for this. A whole 18th century estate house full of needlework from all over the world. It's just heaven to a stitcher. You see things you never see in a catalog, never see online. Even the things I am familiar with, they get framed in a way that makes me look at them differently. It's always a day that I walk away from as a better stitcher, and I appreciate that. I also go away a poorer stitcher because we stop at In Stitches and that, kind hearts and gentle readers, lightens my purse a great deal. This is why I time my visit for payday. And their tart is to die for.


Kathy A. said...

Have a wonderful time in D.C. It sounds heavenly. I would love to see it. Take some pictures so we can see a bit!

Pumpkin said...

I miss shopping for fabric :o( I see there is a small fabric store in town so I'll have to check it out but my sewing machine is still packed.

Have fun at the show! I bet that would be something to see.

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls