23 March 2009

Finally finished and some new starts

Let me apologize for not having pictures to share yet. I felt kinda rotten all weekend, and didn't take any.

I finished My Kitty on Saturday afternoon. I am so happy to have her done. She is adorable. I decided that I am going to try to frame her myself, she shouldn't be that hard to do, being a standard size. I just have to figure out what sort of frame is best for her. What frame completes the story of her? I know that I'll find something nice at one of the craft stores. Michael's has a good selection of frames, not as good as Hobby Lobby, but I have to learn to be content with my surroundings. *sigh*

I didn't do any stitching the rest of Saturday. I fixed dinner for us, chicken stuffed shells, which is one of our favorites. I wouldn't let SO help because he had worked all day, but I did have to have a consult about how to thaw frozen chicken for the recipe. We went for boiling the chicken (is there anything less appetizing-looking than boiled chicken?) and I told SO that it had to be love if I was willing stuff chicken and stuffing into a pasta shell whose temperature was just slightly cooler than the surface of the sun. But I like making this recipe, and it makes enough that we can have leftovers, still freeze a pan of them, and have something to eat with zero effort in a few days. It is the perfect meal! Then I went karaokeing with my friend, Samantha. I didn't do too well, but it's OK. I was just having fun. We haven't seen each other since January, so needed some time to catch up. Got home at 1AM, and then didn't wake up til 9 yesterday morning. SO had to let the boys out, I was that dead to the world.

It's getting on springtime here in Crazyville, so that means flowers and yardwork. I also have two spiderplants I kidnapped from work on Friday because they've been neglected and they needed bigger pots. So we headed off to breakfast at the local diner, and Lowe's for flowers, dirt and fertilizer, and to go drool over the sheds. SO wants one to store lawnstuff in, I need a workshop. Keep in mind our yard won't hold two of these, so I tried my best.

"Darling SO, look, if we get this, I can put all my dyeing stuff in here. And then I wouldn't have it in the garage. All we would have to do is run water and electric out from the house and, um, put up drywall. And I'll need a sink in there. It would be so pretty, and I would feel like a professional dyer, and we could make money. Look, it has a skylight and a workbench!" And I batted my extra-long, lavishly mascaraed eyelashes (he tells me I have pretty blue eyes). And smiled with my newly perfect teeth (he loves my teeth).

Y'all, we didn't buy me a workshop. But I did get 70 gladiola bulbs. And, really, that makes me just as happy. Coral gladiolas scream summer to me. So do red ones. Now to find where to put them in the yard.

I did actually stitch yesterday. I was digging through stash, trying to find stuff to do my lions, because, as SO said, "You better get stitching if you want to do them for the fair." Of course I did not find the fabric or floss I had bought for said lions, but I did find La-Di-Da's Girl in a Red Dress Sampler and the stuff I bought for that.

Now I don't know what came over me. I blame the scrapple I ate at breakfast, which was not good (Excuse me, who deepfries scrapple? It's scrapple, you slice it thin, you wonder how they take mystery cuts of red meat, mix them with yellow cornmeal and get a grey cube of goodness, and then you fry it. In a frying pan. And gross out your city-raised boyfriend, all the while, shrieking, yes, you know they probably do put snouts and toes in it, but it's good and to stop telling you it's gross. It's not gross. It's scrapple). I was so disappointed. Beyond disappointed. I had to take a nap, and then I made this decision while not quite fully awake.

I decided to stitch that sampler over one thread. I am flippin' nutcakes. I don't have a lot done yet. But it's not bad. And I rather enjoyed doing it while we watched travis Pastrana's Nitro Circus, which I dearly love, because he makes it look so easy. It's moving along, and I am starting to wonder why I hate over-one so much.

My other little start is an ornament for an ornament exchange I'm in. I chose Casey Bounagurio's mouse in a teacup ornament from the December 08 JCS. It's really cute and a quick stitch, and I need quick--it's supposed to go out April 1st.

My other major project is to take the floss that I have in various sandwich baggies and wind it onto bobbins, then put the bobbins in the boxes I have for my floss. I have all that empty space in the boxes, and all the floss in baggies, so it just makes sense. I went today for bobbins. I bought 9 packages of them. This should hold me for a while. If it doesn't, I need to do some serious thinking about my priorities. I figure, if I just get in the habit of winding the floss and putting it away when I am done a current project, then going into the boxes before I go shopping for new floss, that's a good thing. I did wind "I Love My Kitty" and put those flosses away. It felt good. And I looked through the floss before kitting up the mouse ornament. I only had to buy one skein--pretty cool! But then again, if I just stitched on my current WIPs, that would be a better thing, and I wouldn't need floss, fabric or charts.

Small victories! Small victories.


Bette said...

Your talk of scrapple made me think of my dad. He loved scrapple (and mush too for that matter). And you're right, it ALWAYS got fried in the frying pan. I never got used to eating it. But he loved it. Must have been the Pennsylvania boy in him.

Annie said...

You have an SO who nags (oops... I mean reminds) you to get stitching for the fair entries? That really sounds like a first to me.

Suzanne said...

I'm anxious to see pictures!

I have given you an award...see my blog!

Pumpkin said...

Congrats on your finish and can't wait to see a picture of her :o)

Tell SO that if he buys you a shed for dying, it will eventually pay for itself ;o)

CindyMae said...

Too bad you did not end up with the workshop, but hey at least you gave it a try! LOL Looking forward to some pics soon!

Natasha said...

ohhh pig snouts and toes my favorite LOL.. Yes pictures we need pictures of Ms. Kitty.

Coral that does sounds like a beautiful spring color. At the old house the daffodills came up last week per our realtor. I was sad to not see them again this year...

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