06 March 2009

Spring is almost here!

And I say this, not because it was 71 here today. Not because the snow is melting. Not because the sun comes up earlier and earlier. Nope, not even because I feel the need to wear bright colors and flip flops.

Rita's is opening! Tomorrow! I plan to be there with cash in hand. Nothing is better after a cruddy day than a gelato. NOTHING. It means spring is coming, and doesn't spring make us all a little more hopeful?

I was off today to take my car to the shop to set up the appointment. I have to drop it off Monday. I am driving SO's Tahoe while it's being fixed. I am hella intimidated. I learned to drive in my dad's pickup, but it wasn't this tall, and it wasn't SO's. You can wreck your parents' cars, they'll still let you come home. But it's what it is. The Vibe must be fixed, and it can't be fixed while I am driving it, and I can't take a week off work to wait for that.

I did stitch on one of the St. Patrick's Day freebies. I'll have it finished by the time my PT job is done for the day. Woo hoo. Just need to stuff it! I was at Mom's today. All 5 members of the Horde found the stitching terribly interesting. Flicky contributed his share of cat hair for the project--this is not the one I am giving to SO's sister, not with the cat hair, LOL.

We finally took the twins to get their vet-requested harnesses today at Petco. I know, it's been a while since I posted they needed them, but they never leave the house, except to go to the vet, and they aren't exactly exuberant to go there, and don't pull. I have to hand it to them; they've figured out that, when we have something particularly heinous to do to them, they don't go together, just the two of them, so they were both excited to go.

Little did I know while they were in the backseat, they were divvying up who was going to act the fool at what time. . .

Mom had to carry Chance across the parking lot for some wierd reason, I guess she figured my portly daughter would get hit by a car?

They tag-teamed and bowled over a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who didn't want to go in the store. I wanted to fall through the floor. The lady said, "Follow those two nice doggies," and the nice doggies acted like heathens. HEATHENS.

Robbie dirtied in the store. I told him to go before we left the house, walked him in the flower bed at the shopping center, and he chose the collar aisle. I was SO MAD. I guess it was his turn. Chance did it last time.

They kept jumping on my mother, and twisting up in the leashes, and I couldn't find a tandem hook so that they won't do that.

Have you ever tried to shove an octopus into a sweater? Then you can imagine what it is like to try to shove a Schipperke's legs into a harness when he or she is excited, looking for dogs to roll, and not particularly entranced with the idea of being harnessed. Oh, and have I ever told you Chancey knows the word, "fat," knows it is used to discribe her and does not like it? She was particularly mortified that she got the large harness while her brother got the medium.

While I was cleaning the pooh up, Mom took them to the squeaky toy aisle to wait, like no one else in the store would figure out she was with me. Mom does this any time we go in a store, I turn my back and she scatters. I'm used to it. But to take the toy fiends into the aisle where their cheif delight and downfall resides? They had a glazed look at all the sights. We normally can tell what toys they want by their reaction to the squeak; if one didn't want the one squeaking, the other one did . . . I could not consign all those cute dog toys to being eviscerated by the twins.

And then we went to the bulk cookie aisle. Robbie LOVES Petco cookies. The pittybulls do too. All the men in my life seem to adore cookies. Mom had both of them while I was filling up, and my son insisted that he had to watch me fill the bag of cookies. That same glazed look came in his eyes at the sight of them. He sat there, ears pointed sharply forward, perfect posture, the vision of what a Schipperke should be. My boy is very food-oriented. I am sure the entire reason for his accomplishing so much as a showdog is his desire to eat, LOL.

Keep in mind these two will be 10 in 2009. They should act better than this. Robbie is supposed to know better. But, whatcha goin do.


LoriRay said...

Your post had me laughing out loud! I can just see the dogs...but sorry you were stressed.

Glad you'll be stitching for your mother. I'm doing the same thing -- an assortment of things for Mother's Day. Two are done! Woo hoo! Good luck on your stuff. You can do it! :)

CindyMae said...

Sounds like they had a blast, why didn't you mom!! LOL

Meari said...

LOL @ your "well behaved" doggies. What's gelato?

Pumpkin said...

ROFL! I can just invision it all :oS

Brie understands the word "stink" in relation to her and she doesn't like that ;o)

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls