25 March 2010

Do you see it?

To the right. On my 2010 Finishes list?

I finished my humbug last night.

Well, it's not finish-finished, but the stitching's done. I'll post a photo later. I'll also post photos while I'm putting it together. Which will not happen til this weekend. I just don't feel like finishing til then. I did surprise myself by finding my bag of lavendar in the garage last night while looking for something else. I thought it was in the sewing room , in the cabinet, but I guess I moved it out when Best Friend B came to visit and never realized it wasn't in there. Oh, well, good to find it, as that would have really thrown a wrench in my finishing plans. Anyway, so I'll be gathering my supplies to get that accomplished.

I pulled out another kitted-up freebie, One Flag over Chessie, by Chessie and Me Designs. It's a tabby cat under a flag. My LNS offered this last summer. They've now stopped doing monthly free kits, because of all the free designs online. They do a seasonal one now, 4 times a year. This is quite a bummer to me--a lot of times they had freebies you couldn't find elsewhere. LHN doesn't usually put their freebies out there, I don't even know if Chessie and Me has a website. And it was kinda nice to get everything to stitch the little kit, including the buttons, in one pack. And they always sold really well--if you didn't get into the shop early, you didn't get the linen kits. It was something to look forward to. Fortunately, I still have a lot of them to stitch. Sometimes slug stitching has it's benefits. :)

I am making some changes to this one. It shows a mackerel tabby. I have an orange tabby. Guess what color Chessie's gonna become? Whiskey. She may get a sex change and a name change for the finish, too. It will probably be "One Flag over Gussie," since my cat is Gus, and he would be offended otherwise. I try not to offend him. For the same reason, all black cats that I stitch are Lilys, after our little queen, LOL. I don't really think this will take that long to stitch, it's under 3 inches square, and primitive, so no shading. Yeah! I don't know how I'll finish it, whether as a pinkeep or an ornament, but I do have really cute fabric to back it with.


Meari said...

Congrats on finishing the humbug. Looking forward to seeing pics :)

Pumpkin said...

I can't wait to see more of Gussie. I like the sound of your changes :o)

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