30 March 2010

What to stitch now?

I finished "One Flag Over Gussie" last night. I didn't take a photo, because I was too tired, and this morning, woke up with the start of something . . . nasal-y. I'll have to see how this develops.

I'm not sure what to work on right now. At least for a couple days.

I know I need to get cracking on our ring pillow. My nephew wanted to see it when they came over Saturday night. I told him we couldn't because it was in the bedroom and his uncle had locked the door (because we put all the stuff we didn't want the kids to get into in there), and I can't reach the key. I can, but I didn't want them in the room. Then he asked, "Why do we need to put the rings on a pillow?" I didn't have an answer. He asks a good question. Apparently, it's not the trend to put them on a pillow anymore; you just send the kid down the aisle with an empty pillow, and give them to the best man. But I'd rather follow tradition and it's something he can be proud of accomplishing. I probably have half of that to get done, but I'll get it finished.

But I also want to start one of the seasonal ladies I found yesterday. They look like a fun stitch, they're all DMC, not a bead in sight to frustrate a girl. And they're different from my usual choices. It's an adventure to stitch.

I also need to start my panda project for the fair. That really doesn't look like a bad stitch at all, so it's on my list. I may pull floss tomorrow morning.

And then there are some little freebies to do. I have really enjoyed the quick finish of Gussie. I could get him done before I loathed stitching him--not that I would ever really dislike stitching an orange tabby cat, LOL. I don't know, maybe I'll just start a bunch of stuff and sort it out later.

What would you do?

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Bette said...

I would probably finish the ring pillow. If it's finished, you'll have one less thing to worry about as your wedding day approaches.

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls