04 March 2010

This and that

Last night was church night, and it rained, so I didn't get home til 8:30. Til I settled down, it was 9:00 and a little too late for me to stitch. HTB was watching the Maryland game, so I just kinda vegged. He was trying to figure out where our schools ranked in the standings. I am, as always delighted that my beloved Kentucky Wildcats are ranked #3, his Maryland Terrapins are #23. We bicker frequently about this; he feels that, as a Marylander, I should be a Terp fan. You would think after all this time, he would know this is an argument he will not win. My argument was a) this Marylander didn't go to U of M, my degree is from UK, my loyalty follows the tuition, b) I sat in line for front row, lower arena tickets for the 1996 Championship season, and c)royal blue is a lot better color than that hideously blinding gold color they've adopted, better being a subjective term.

I did start looking for my ornament for March for the Bride's Tree SAL. The theme is flowers or a basket of flowers. We had a bit of a discussion as to whether a Diane Graebner ornament with a girl holding a basket of greenery constituted a basket of flowers. We decided it really didn't go along with the theme, but there is a pretty poinsettia biscornu ornament in the 2008 JCS ornament issue, and so I think I'm going to do that. I think it's good practice for stuffing the ring pillow. I have to go through my stash and see if I have the right fabric for it.

When I was at the dentist yesterday, there was a chart for a humbug. It looked cute, but what is it? The sewing instructions were not that clear, so I don't want to start something and not know how to finish it. Are there specific guidelines? Do they have to be a certain size? Has anyone stitched one?


Annie said...

Here's a link to the humbug I made on my blog:

Annie said...

By the way, Creative Poppy has a good little free tutorial for how to make this.

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