02 March 2010

Roaring like a lion

I would like to say that I had a good extended weekend.

There were parts that were good. The priest gave a wonderful sermon in church on Sunday. My faith has been waivering a bit since the beginning of the year for several different reasons. Like a kid at Christmas, I've been wanting to know what the future holds for me and have been upset that I can't see that the journey is going to get easier any time soon. And the priest talked about Abram and the Lord talking to him about the stars. He asked us if we ever took the time to get away from the city and look at stars. Did they ever fill us with wonder? Or belief that there was something greater out there? And I was reminded how we sat on Assateague Beach, and counted the stars and watched them move across the sky and how beautiful it was. And the priest said, "Look to the stars and believe." And that took my breath away. I actually started to cry a bit, which is odd for me. So, when I'm in doubt, I'm gonna believe things will get better.

The twins would tell you they had a bad extended weekend. They were overjoyed to see me, though I ratted them out for getting into my mother's fabric cooler, and strewing the leftovers she had brought home across the living room floor. My mother was trying to figure out who did it. I know who did it. Chancey. Robbie looked at me with abject horror when I asked him, as if it was just not mannerly to chew open a bag and eat leftovers when not given permission. I believe him; he's too lazy to actually chew a cooler open. His sister had an expression of, "If you didn't want us to eat it, it shouldn't have been on the floor." And she's a chewer. She didn't even have the shame to lay her ears down when I called her "BAD DOG." An unrepetant sinner! They were still happy the next morning, at least til I herded them in the bathroom and put the babygate up. They thought that a bit wierd, but figured out the deal when I took the collars off--they only get naked one for one reason. To give them their credit, they were wonderful in the bathtub. I guess humiliation is more bearable when you're with your family. Even the shaking was kept to a minimum, LOL. I gave them a soft treat to share, and told them they smelled like beautiful dogs. Then I had to go home, which dismayed my boy, because he must have figured I'd play all day with him, but there were things to do at the house. And we can play next week!

I was off yesterday but didn't go anywhere. The garage door is broken, and it's too heavy for me to lift, and, with the melting snow making our yard a mudpit, the dogs have to come in through the garage, so they had to wait til Daddy came home. And I had to wait til he got home. One of the cardinal rules for the big boys is that they are NEVER outside if someone is not on the property. You hear too many stories of people saying, "My pitbull would never do that. I've had him since he was a puppy." I love my pits, I think they get a bad rap.I know their limitations and their skillsets. They probably wouldn't chew through the fence to follow me if I left them out in the yard, but they are able to (Beazer has attempted to because someone came in the yard to talk to Daddy), and I'd rather be overly cautious than overly-trusting.

But it was good that I stayed home. I cleaned the sewing room. It had gotten far too out of hand. I put all my drycleaning in a pile, so I can take it on payday, threw out a bunch of stuff that I brought home from work, and then didn't deal with, went through the drawers in the closet and pulled a bunch of stuff to take to Sue Hillis' get together in May. I pulled some freebies, and also found a couple charts I had misplaced. One of them is the JBW Country French Dog, which I intend to make into a cube, and have the fabric for, I just haven't stitched it. And I found a bunch of stuff of my mom's to do for her. I really need to get started on that. I am really not being fair to her to leave so many of her projects undone. Something to think about . . .

My tooth has been aching really bad the past couple days (I know it's not supposed to be doing this still, but it is, if it doesn't feel better tomorrow, I'm going to the dentist. I have a high pain tolerance, but I can only take so much), so I did lie down for a while yesterday. Surprisingly, I did not nap. I did stitch a bit on our wedding pillow, though. It's a fun stitch, and I'm making good progress. It still doesn't look like an H yet, but it's getting there--I was watching MTV trash shows and they're perfect for stitching, you get the noise, but you don't have to pay attention, LOL. I am happy that I bought more than two skeins of floss for this, since I've already used up a whole skein, and I wouldn't want to be in a situation where I don't have enough floss. I will probably end up using 3 or 4 skeins, but I'm OK with that.

Does anyone know how fat you're supposed to stuff a biscornu? Mine have always been a bit understuffed, but they LOOK full when I'm stuffing them. Then I finish, and they look gooshy. I want this to be fat and full. How do I perfect this? Is it an issue with the kind of stuffing? Any help would be great.


amy said...

I'm glad the sermon was able to provide you with some comfort Rachel. Hang in there. It always gets better.

I had to laugh at the dog story. We've had the same thing happen here. Gracie is terrible for ripping into things!

Sounds like you are making good progress on the pillow. Wish I could help with the stuffing issue but I've never made a pillow or biscornu. Good Luck!

Blu said...

Four biscornus and I'm still trying to figure out how much to put, so I'm looking forward to whatever tips you get.

Pumpkin said...

Stuff the suckers until you think you've way overstuffed them ;o)

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls