22 June 2010

A bookmark, a panda, a finish and a lesson from bugs

I thought I would share the things I've been working on for the past couple days.

First is a new start, a bookmark by Joan Elliott in the latest issue of WOXS. It's for an exchange I'm in on 123. It's moving along quickly, but I don't have a lot of the flosses, so will be going to Michaels today. I don't think the recipient reads this blog, and she's on vacation for the next three weeks. Barring disaster, she should have it before she gets home to read this. I started it last night while we were watching West Side Story on TCM. It was a choice between that or The Outlaw Josey Wales; I don't know if I spelled that right, but it's on literally EVERY NIGHT, and has been on for the last two months, too bad Clint Eastwood never ever made another movie and no one else ever made another movie about cowboys. Hah! Even HTB is getting tired of it popping up on the menu. I am planning on tucking it into a book to mail it, but not sure what kind of book I will send. The lady has a camper, so I would imagine she likes to travel. Well, that got me thinking, because I love to read travel books, and I thought I might send her a travel book about Maryland, as a way to bring a bit of my world to her part of England, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea either. And if I do, should I go silly, or interesting anecdotes, or ghost stories (to read around the campfire), or a coffee table book (I have a photography book about wild ponies, but I realize not everyone cares to see pony photos.) Or would it be better to send a novel that I have read and really liked? I am sorta torn. I know I prefer goofy anecdotal books (the Weird US books are interesting), but I'm not typical. Any suggestions?

This is my progress on Tai Shan. He's moving pretty slow, I know, but, if I stitch in good light, I can see progress. I really would like to have a Jill Rensel mat for this with bamboo painted on it, but that won't get done before the fair. What I may end up doing is framing it myself and then, after the fair, have her redo it. I don't know though, I'm still toying. It will all depend on what I can find at Michaels--they have way better ready-made frames than AC Moore.

And the finished "H" from M Designs. This is exactly as stitched on her version of it. I had toyed with removing that border, but it really does "finish" the piece. This means I will have to toy with the back stitch line to sew the biscornu, because the design is not square, but I don't think that that will make a lot of difference visually. Someone would have to be right up on it to see that, and I don't think anyone would be that nitpicky.

I hope everyone had a joyous first day of summer yesterday. I did my celebrating on Sunday evening, driving home. The fireflies have finally arrived, and they're somehow different here in the country. There are more of them, I guess. They gather in the farm fields, right over the crops, and flash. To look out across the land and see them all blinking, all on their own cadence, trying to attract a mate, was just . . . amazing. Fairy lights tossed upon the land in a celebration of all that is summer; the hard cold days are gone, and it's time to enjoy just being alive. It was truly magical; I wish I had a way to take a picture that would show what it was like, but I'm reminded again that some pictures are not meant to be and that is a good thing. They are meant to experience and keep in the heart and learn from. How many times have I driven by and missed this? Closed my eyes to the simple beauty in a mad rush to just get SOMEWHERE? I know they won't be here all summer, so it's time to slow down a bit and appreciate what I've been given to see.


K-G Knitter said...

If the lady you're sending the bookmark to has children, then I would recommend sending MD ghost stories. When I exchange with people overseas who have kids/grandkids, I usually send along Texas ghost stories, and I always get a good response. The Weird US books are really good too, since they've got all those great photos.

Meari said...

Welcome to summer. I ended up in a torrential downpours (think, clothes plastered to body) combined with lightning and hail. Very scary. More severe storms tonight. :(

I love fireflies (ie lightning bugs) and we've had them here for several weeks now.

Congrats on finishing your H and good progress on your WIPs. Not sure what to suggest for the book idea. I kinda like the idea of a travel book.

Julie M said...

Your "H" is beautiful! You're making excellent progress on your WIP's too.

I love lightning bugs. It's been so dang rainy at night though I couldn't tell you if they have arrived here or not.

I thought all of your ideas for a book were good and any one of them would, I am sure, be appreciated.

Blu said...

"H" is gorgeous! That blue is lovely.

Not sure what to suggest for the book. I'm a fan of anecdotes, but you can't go very wrong with a coffee table book. Who doesn't like gorgeous picture?

Bette said...

Have you thought about a book by Bill Bryson. He has one about hiking the Appalacian Trail that might be interesting. It's close to your neck of the woods. In fact, I think that's what it's called, A Walk in the Woods. I like the idea of a book from your area. Your finish is lovely. It will be a wonderful memento of your wedding.

Dani - tkdchick said...

That letter H is fantastic! Congratulations!

Pumpkin said...

I think that's a brilliant idea to put the bookmark into a book. Something from your area would be nice :o)

Can you tell me what the panda pattern is and who the designer is?

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