13 January 2011

Brave Kitties

This is my start on "No Scaredy Cats Allowed," by Waxing Moon.

Not a bad start, considering I didn't get started til late, and I didn't have the Charcoal floss I needed. I kitted this up at Halloween, and the LNS was out of Charcoal, and it just escaped my mind to make sure I had it. I didn't want to just stitch around the part that used the color, nor was it feasible to run to my LNS and pray they got another shipment of Weeks in. I found a very dark skein of Gunmetal in my floss box, so I'm using that. And that spurred a bit of creativity. I collect black cats for Halloween for my Lily and yellow tabby cats for Gus for the rest of the year (yes, Felix gets kinda messed over when it comes to being collected, but they don't make a lot of black and white spotted cat things--I can't collect what they don't make), but a lot of times I see black cats and yellow tabbies together, so . . . since I have both a yellow and a black cat, I'm making one of the kitties into a tabby, for Gus. He'll be the kitty peeking out from behind the ghost, since my Gus is a bit less brave than his sister; he's not scared, he's just shy. I think this will be a sweet personalization and I'm sure Gussie would approve.

Keeping in the Halloween vein, today's start will be Mosey N Me's Icky Spooky. I've had this design for probably 7 years, I just never stitched it, and it probably is my most favorite MNM design. So I'm just ecstatic to get started.

I did work a little bit on Santa's Bunnies last night. Iron Man was on FX, so we watched that. It was an OK movie, good for stitching, because I didn't have to really pay attention to it. Or think about the plot. Left-brain wanted to watch the Patriot the other night, and I told him I could not bear to watch it. The villian in that movie is so good, he just upsets me, so I have to watch something else.

Do you have any good "stitching" movies you like to watch?


Pumpkin said...

Great start there!

The Holiday :o) I could watch that movie over and over!

Julie M said...

Good start Rachel and a great idea for stitching one of the cats as a tabby!

Not sure I have any movies that stand out as great stitching movies. Probably ones I've seen before so I can just listen and still know what's going on.

Stitchinowl said...

I admire you for sticking to your Crazy January Challenge. Can't wait to see photos of Icky Spooky tomorrow!

Vicky said...

I can't wait to see the progress on all your starts during the year :)

Siobhan said...

I'm the same with The Patriot. I just can't watch it--so sad.

Hmmm, good stitching movies. I would have to say Sense & Sensibility with Kate Winslet. LOVE that movie and I can stitch and watch at the same time.

Great choices for the challenge!

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