08 January 2011

Still no pictures

I didn't have a chance to hook the computer back up last night after work. I got into work and realized I had the late shift, so it was 10:30 til I got home. Plus, I had a headache (it was probably a pleasing mix of sinuses and New Years diet-related caffeine withdrawal), so I just was not in the mood to hook up the computer and camera. It snowed overnight, and I had to come back to work this morning, so, with leaving time to get safely to work (commute ended up being normal, the snow was well-behaved and just made everything pretty, not messy), I didn't hook up the computer. I am SOOOO behind.

I will try to post pictures tomorrow. I promise!

Today, I am working on "A Nuisance of Cats," by the Yankee Stitcher. It's a quick stitch. I'm going to have to see if they did more of these; it says it's a series, but I don't know if I've seen more charts. I'm probably a quarter of the way through it already. I'm using a mystery piece of antique white evenweave--it may be DMC, but I'm not sure--and I'm not sure the color is the best, but I'm going to go with it. One of the things I wanted to accomplish with this challenge was to use supplies from my stash whenever possible instead of buying new. I know that that's what I should be doing anyway when I stitch, but "should do" and " actually do" are often far apart for me. But I'm hopeful for now. I'd rather have the floss and fabric filling up my "finished, but not finished" box than in my fabric drawer and floss bin.

I think tomorrow's start will be Patriotic Summer, by Midsummer Night Designs. I've had that chart kitted up for two years and it's high time I get my patriotic sheep wall started. We're going out to dinner with Left-brain's family tomorrow evening, but I think I can make some good progress on that super-cute design.

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