05 January 2011

Winter Row--Day 4

I didn't have a lot of time to work on this chart, and spent a lot of that fighting the M. The frog came visiting, and I had to keep picking it out. This may not be the walk in the park I anticipated. I was pretty glad to put this away last night, but I'm not going to give up on it. This will probably be the first one I pick back up after the 16th.

Today's start is Cross n Patch's Miss Mitchell's first grade Christmas pageant. It's a pretty large start, but I think it won't be so bad if I stitch one kid at a time. It's a very cute project, and I think I would give it to one of the teachers in my family, but none of them teaches in a school that has a Christmas pageant. Life has changed so much since this chart was published . . . which must have been at a time when you didn't have a lot of choice in hoops because they're advising to put a 25 inch piece of fabric in a 3"-4" hoop. I couldn't imagine how annoying that would be--I am using an 8" hoop because it's so big.

Are your Christmas decorations still up? Our large tree and the decorations are still up, but I undecorated the cross stitch tree. I still have to put it away, but I'm ready to be finished with the holidays. They were joyful, but they're over. I did manage to score some clearanced out holiday craft supplies at Michaels on Friday. I think we need a wintry wreath next year, so bought some things to get started. But other than an ornament or two and some candy canes, I didn't go crazy after Christmas. It seemed like most people shared my sentiment because there was still a lot of stuff in the stores even on Friday.

That is all for today. I appreciate the kind comments you have been leaving about my starts. I know they're not much, but they'll grow through the year, and I appreciate the support!


Julie M said...

Sorry you had to deal with the frog!

My Christmas stuff is still up. Probably won't come down until weekend after this coming weekend. Unless I get really ambitious this Sunday.

Pumpkin said...

Darn frog! Love this design and will look forward to seeing this one develop :o)

We took our tree down on Monday and I miss it :o(

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