02 April 2014

Blew the budget last night!

This year, the theme of my stitching seems to be "Stitch your Love".  I have been picking charts to do that have been in my stash forever and just haven't been stitched. Not that I don't at least have abiding affection for the majority of my charts, but there are some that make me smile more than others, and those are the ones I have been choosing.

Last night, Someone Small and I went to our little local Joannes. A few months ago, I bought a pattern and some fabric to make her a little shift for summer, but she took the pattern and I haven't seen it since, and I misplaced the fabric (I think I know where it is, will have to look a little harder, I vaguely remember buying Halloween fabric at the same time), so the idea was to regroup, rebuy the pattern, and the fabric. I always carry charts in my bag, in case I feel like kitting up. Did not find the fabric I wanted, and the pretty dress pattern I liked, that they had made up, the smallest size it came in was a 7. Someone Small is not a big kid; she's tall, but she's skinny (she still fits her 12 month clothes, so I at least have some shorts she can wear for the summer, at least the early part). I don't try to buy her clothes that are too big (I do buy bigger sizes on clearance and put them away for the future, but I don't put them on her til they fit right). But a 7 would be way too big to try to buy and alter, my costume professor in college always said if you try too hard, you ruin the line of the garment, and I can see. I may buy the pattern and put it away for when she's bigger.

So, inevitably, we went down the cross stitch aisle. And I kitted up. Someone Small and I had a conversation that I am sure anyone listening to was laughing about, but it is fun to talk to her, now that she is able to express herself. She kept asking what other people were "dew-an" (doing).  She asked me for her book (another thing I always have in the bag), then decided that was not good enough, so spontaneously started crying.LOL. She got over it.

I bought scads of floss, much more than I normally buy, but I should be good for a while on projects. The things I kitted up were

Just Nan Peter Cottontail
By the Bay Halloween Cove
Calico Kittens Boo, a freebie
Sanman Giving Us Summer and Giving Us Spring
Sanman Recipe for A Perfect Night
Flower Thread Jack and friend

and Sanman Pumpkitty, Kitty Magic, and Boo Kitty

I've been in a Halloween frame of mind.

I am going to have to try to find the right fabric for the kitties, but I am sure I have something in my stock.

None of these seem to be too hard, and I should be able to stitch them easily.

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