30 April 2014

WIP update

I am FLYING on this one. Surprising for how big it is--this puppy is 10x10, that's fairly substantial for me. And I still love it. I should probably have it finished by the end of the weekend, maybe early next week.

Not the best week for me so far. My parents' best friend, who was a lot like an uncle to me, passed on Friday. He was a sweet, gentle man who was a huge part of my hometown. He used to dress up as Santa to raise money to donate to local charities. For Kaydence's first Christmas, he was too ill to dress in his Santa suit, but he held my girl and be her first Santa--she loved "Uncle Bill".  He was very active in the local IOOF chapter, and a great person. He will be sorely missed, but Heaven gained a beautiful new angel.

I also somehow managed to get food poisoning on Monday from my lunch. It hit an hour before the end of work, and at least I was home when it started. I tried to work yesterday and just couldn't handle it, so I spent the day in bed, sleeping. I feel better today. I still have a bit of a headache, but I didn't have any caffeine, so that's probably the reason for that. I had food poisoning in college, so it's been 20 years. Crazy . . . I eat rare beef all the time, and I get taken down by a dang frozen burrito. I won't be eating Mexican anytime soon.

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