08 April 2014

Boo hoo Blue

It's a yawny day in Crazyville. We stayed up late to watch our beloved University of Kentucky Wildcats play in the National Championshop game (OK, Someone Small didn't, she is too little to stay up till all hours) . . . and they lost.  It was a good game, but we just didn't win.

It wasn't our year.

Maybe next year.

I feel bad for the students. I remember how, during my time in college, I lived and breathed UK basketball. If they won a game, we were happy, if they lost, it was a bad day. One poor little girl looked so devastated last night when it was clear we weren't going to win. I wanted to tell her, it'll be OK. When you have losses in these games, it makes, when you do win, the victory that much sweeter. And I remember how crappy it felt in 1997 to not win the game, but I can't remember who we played. And I do remember how good it felt in 1998 when we won the championship.

And, if the great freshmen that we have stay in college and choose not to go pro, we have the chance to do something great.  Celebrity is fleeting; one of the "great" players of my Kentucky years squandered his fame and fortune. They did a story on him a few years ago; 10 years or so down the line, I was making more money than him, we own a home, and I have a better car than he does (and that is not saying much). Stay in school, guys.

But today's a day to be a little glum. But it's also a day to realize that, just because we lost, it doesn't mean we failed. We climbed a lot higher than anyone expected, and there were plenty of other teams who would have loved to have been runner up.

So, we'll see ya next year, tournament. Thank you for the invitation to the big dance. We'll be back, new dress, new shoes, new attitude.

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