25 April 2014

WIP, and more thoughts on my adventures in Youtube

"Starlight Sampler"
Little House Needleworks
recommended DMC on Charles Craft Aida
My new WIP. Although UFO might be better, since I had actually started this a while ago, put about 10 stitches in it and set it aside (is there a minimum number of stitches to be considered a UFO? Or even a WIP?  Since a lot of my WIP/UFOs are things I have less than 100 stitches in, are they really even started. They feel almost like a blip on the radar than a start). It's an older LHN, and I put it on a piece of aida I had in stash--I think it was one of their Carolina line, but I am not sure. Don't quote me on that. It's got a nice heft to the fabric and feels kind of rustic, so it goes with the design. And the colors contrast nicely.

Have any of you ever ordered from One of the Youtube videos I was watching last night, she orders from them and the prices were low. Is it easy to figure out what you need?  I would rather hear from you guys before ordering.
And there was another ONS mentioned, Crazy Annie's. Anyone ordered from there? 


Shebafudge said...

If it's got a stitch it's a WIP, or if it has been sat around a long time a UFO! Nice try...but they still :)

Can't help with either of the companies, I have never tried them.

BeckyG said...

Rachel, I've purchase from Frames by Mail in the past. As long as you can figure the sizes correctly, their stuff works great. One shipment, which was five or six frames and mats, came in with the mats all mis-cut. I called, and they re-cut them and sent them out right away. My only problem is I need a narrow & long frame right now, and they don't go narrower than 5".

Jennifer said...

I've ordered from American Frame and, and have had good luck with both. In about 6-8 orders, I've only ever had one mat that was miscut, and when I called, they sent a replacement immediately at no charge, and told me to keep the other mat in case I could use it for something else.

It's not hard to do an online order, but I measure obsessively, make DH measure it for me, and then I let it sit for a few days and remeasure it again before I order, just to be sure. I also write it all down in a notebook (complete with diagrams of the pieces and frames) so I can keep track of what I am doing. Then again, I am a nut job.

One thing I would suggest, and I didn't see any options on the Frames By Mail site, is to ask for or order sampler, especially for mats. The color can be much different in person than it is on the monitor. American Frame will send you up to 5 samples for free, and 5 more with each order, and you can order samples for a small fee from PictureFrames.

Also, the online designers are very, very helpful when it comes to getting an idea of how your piece will look. I highly recommend using them.

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