06 April 2009

Apologies . . .

I intended to post pictures this weekend. I intended to do a lot of things this weekend. Didn't happen. Not much happened. From my extensive to-do list, I managed to make strawberry lemonade, and purchase most of the things I wanted for the kids' Easter. It is HARD to fill an Easter basket. My mom was so good at it, but I get indecisive, and work on a theme, and worry if the theme is right or overdone.

I was rolling pretty good Friday afternoon. Til my theatre boss called, and asked me if I could work Saturday because of some scheduling issues. I stupidly said, "Sure," not realizing that meant I got zilch done Saturday, even though I was up at 6 to let the dogs out to play. When you leave the big boys out, you can't go anywhere, you have to stay at the house with them. They're strong; Beazer almost chewed through the fence one time because SO was out talking to someone and I guess he thought they were shady (which doesn't make sense because he didn't try to chew through the fence when my car got killed, and I give them cookies ALL THE TIME. At least Shockaboo sings to me, at least he LOVES me, LOL). Anyway, so I was stuck with them, til I left at 10:30 to get to work.

I worked til 8 Saturday. I took my La-di-da Girl in the Red Dress sampler and worked on that, but it was slow going. Why does stitching over one take so much longer? But I did find out who designed that gorgeous horse that I loved at Woodlawn. It's by Classic Cross Stitch, The chart is Cart Horse Head, down at the bottom. I'm loving it. Also "Thunder and Lightning," the one with the two Clydesdales. They're pretty pricy, maybe as a treat if money gets better. So I didn't get to take myself out to dinner, which I am a little bummed about. Because that's not a thing I can say to SO, "Oh, by the way, I am hauling my cookies to the restaurant tonight alone to prove to myself I'm independent, so you are on your own. I think there's bologna in the drawer." I wouldn't like it if he said that to me, and he wouldn't dream of it. But, I'm not gonna fuss, it's racing season and I am sure there will be nights I can go eat out and be brave

SO said he would be home sometime overnight on Saturday night, so I sat up for a while, just in case he got home early. I knew the chances were pretty slim of that, because he was in Southern North Carolina, and eliminations didn't start til 5, and his friend is a good driver, so he wasn't gonna be home til late, but I was awake, so it was nothing. I watched Best in Show and worked on my kitten afghan. That is moving SO fast. I started it Wednesday night and already have 3 kitties done and one about halfway done. I am working on it only at home, so it doesn't get dirty and stays fairly pet hair-free, but, at this rate, I should be done by the end of the month. Plus the dogs were cooped up for 11 hours and needed a while out to play, so they were out from 9 to 1. They liked it, but they were ready to go to bed when I got them in.

SO came home at 6. His friend came in second. I woke up for a couple minutes to say, hey, but went back to sleep. I didn't get up til 10 or 11, then went to go play with floss, but realized I had no dish soap to use to actually dye floss, so had to go get some at the store when I went. And I decided it was probably not a good idea to keep raiding my boxes of hair dye for rubber gloves to use, and found out that those gloves are not cheap, so I bit the bullet and asked SO to get me some from one of his suppliers for his work (they give them to him for free.) I felt a little silly, but I'm working for a farm here, dang it! Pastures of beef cattle, two fireplaces, and a wide front porch don't come cheap! I gotta cut costs where I can, LOL! So he's going to do that for me.

I did get the kids' Easter basket stuff and that was important. I appreciate the effort my mom put into it when we were kids, making sure everything was perfect. I found SO's niece a fairy bunny, to go with her Tinkerbell goodies, and his nephew is getting Diego-ed out. They did have an awesome pirate ship 3-D puzzle for kids that I liked and thought older nephew would like, but they just had the display, but no actual kits, they had sailboats and battleships. Small vent: pirates are hot, why not stock more pirate ships, less battleships? The baby gets a stufty and some Easter cookies, and Mom will go back for Little People for him.

When I got home, it was time to start fixing dinner. Beef over noodles, which I love, cause it's easy to fix, and feels a little more fancy than not, with a slice of tomato, because that's how we ate it when I was growing up. And semi-homemade strawberry lemonade, which I've perfected! YUM!


Meari said...

I agree... Why does over-one seem to take longer? Because we're squinting, making ourselves go blind trying find the holes?? I think so!

Lori-Ann said...

Over one is so pretty and worth it though!

Did you say Fairy Bunny!! I'm so jelous! LOL.

Pumpkin said...

While I do love most of those horse pictures, I cannot imagine stitching them :oS

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls