06 April 2009

Ta da . . . floss on the tag

I finally took pictures. SO is in the other room, watching basketball, so I thought I'd take care of pics. For some reason, it's nerve-wracking to share it with people. I guess because it's real. Anyway, here the skein is, it's one I was playing with over the summer, and it ended up in that bag o' floss that survived the car accident, and has spent the winter in the garage. And it is such a spring-like color too. I may go stitch with it. Or I may just fondle it.


Natasha said...

Love it love it love the floss is just the perfect spring color.Is this the one that you dyed?

Those kittys look very playful. Nice to see some photos :0)

MsB said...

Love it girl! :)
Those tags are gonna be perfecto!

Lub u.

rusluvsme said...

Rachel, your skein of floss is beautiful! Great job on the tag also. Are you going to start a hand dyed thread business?

Lori-Ann said...

Very nice color!

DebbieSFL said...

The floss tags are a great idea!!! and your dyed floss is gorgeous.

Pumpkin said...

Awesome job and I LOVE the color!

CindyMae said...

I just love it! I think that it is perfect! Happy Fondeling! LOL

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