10 April 2009

Happy Easter!

We're doing pretty good in our Easter prep. The kids' Easter baskets are on the dining room table, with most of the goodies in them. SO's neice's bunny is not here yet, which I am LIVID over. It's being sent parcel post. I don't think it will be here by Sunday. I guess I am off to get a replacement tomorrow, since the Easter Bunny doesn't do rainchecks. But the boys are pretty much done, including the tall handsome one I adore. I just have to take The Departed and exchange it for a movie he doesn't have (I bought it Tuesday, came home and found him watching it on TV, asked him if he liked it, and found out he had it. Darn . . .), and see if I can get the Easter Little People for SO's nephew, and they're done.

I have my Easter dress, too, and think it's super cute. It was on sale at Sears the day I took Mom for her procedure, and, at $50% off, not something I could pass up, particularly since it looks very vintagy, and I rock that sixties style. It's pretty simple, a white shift with a retro print in melon, pink and black at the skirt. I even have cute spectator-y slingbacks to wear with it. What is it about Easter that we feel compelled to have a new outfit, even if we don't go to church? Which I feel awful about, but our small town does not have the denominations that either SO or I attend, and I don't yet know the procedure for changing churches. I don't even think we fall under the same diocese (is that right?) that we did in the other county, where the churches are that we belong to. SO has been rumbling and mumbling about going to the Catholic Church in the city nearby, but he hasn't made the commitment to go, and it isn't my place to push him. I told him I would go with him if he wanted, but that I was warning him, I can't take communion. I'll keep you updated, but at least if we go, I have something to wear.

I was also just sitting and remembering this morning how Easter is such a sensory holiday. The smells, particularly. We always had an Easter lily. We never saw them come in, but, on Easter morning, the stereo cabinet would have one or two on it, and that sweet smell is Easter to me. So much so that Mom used to send me a lily in college so that I could have a trace of Easter in my dorm room. And Gramma's house would smell different when we walked in on Easter, more chocolate-y, and our baskets would be there.

My first dog was an Easter present, 19 years ago. We had wanted a dog forever, and my brother saw a Schipperke and wanted it and my parents relented. But not a puppy; through my aunt's vet, we found an almost-5 year old Schipperke and went to a dog show in Hagerstown the day before Easter, 1990, to pick her up. I had never seen a Schip in my life, but it was love at first sight. Even my mom liked her; she was quiet and smart. Funny, she was supposed to be my brother's dog, and she hated him with a passion. That never ceased, never dimmed, not even when she was elderly and blind. He could never sneak in the house at night and come by my door after curfew. NOT HAPPENING. We had a game called, "Luke's at the Door" and all I had to do was, when all was quiet, whisper in her ear, "Luke's at the door," and she would get up, tear off down the hall or stairs, run to the front door, bark like CRAZY til you opened the door, then she would stand there, barking and glaring, looking for him out the storm door, like, "I'll get you, you son of a . . .". Chancey is like that with SO. Robbie adores him, lets him tease him (no one but me can tease him, he hates that); she looks at him with her, "I'm WATCHING you" look, and then looks at her brother or I with a, "I have done my best, if you let him tease you, and I can't bite him, it's on you. I'm done with you. You're dead to me" face. Schipperkes are like that. They hold grudges; you don't know what you've done, but they are pretty much teddy bear/security/chaperone/conscience in a tailless package. And all of it started on Easter!

Hopefully, I've not totally ruined your holiday. Have a wonderful day. Eat lots of peanut butter (or, in Pumpkin's case, creme) eggs, find lots of colored ones on your Easter egg hunts, save some ham for others, and don't lick the black jelly beans and draw on others' faces. It's a holiday!

Happy Easter.


CindyMae said...

I hope that you have a wonderful Easter full of many blessings!!

riona said...

As I read your post about "vintage" clothing, I got this great image of something 1930s-ish ... you know, Bacall & Bogie.

And then, I discover you are talking about the 1960's and I have to flash foward to my sisters and I dressed for church ...

Damn, do I feel old now!!!!!!

Rachel S said...

Riona, please don't feel old, LOL. you're not old. If you are, I am too. At least the 60s were classy. Stuff I wore in middle school is back in style. It wasn't so good in the first run, why are they wearing it again, LOL?

Lori-Ann said...

Black Jelly Beans... now I have a new prank to pull on DS... hehehe.

Frankie (dachshund) was an Easter present 6 years ago (RIP). My most memorable Easter yet.

Have a great holiday and try not to look too amazing in your outfit or you'll need a paparotzi stick (I suck at spelling, sorry)

Lisa said...

I wish you a very Happy Easter - what ever the day may bring for you and your family. As long as you all are together, it will be special.
Happy Holiday...and continue to blog from the heart! It is a privilege to read about the stitching projects AND also hear what others are experiencing outside of the stitching life!
Thank you for sharing yours!
Happy Holiday!

Pumpkin said...

LOVE the story about your first dog ;o)

Hope you had a wonderful Easter Rachel. I NEED to go out tomorrow and stock up on the ECEs before they are gone for good!!!!

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls