27 April 2009

Freebie wrangling

I think the heat got to me yesterday. I was a little snippy. And fighty. And hot. And frizzy.

In addition to my helper project for my friend, I have a couple other teensy projects I want to do. I am modifying a teacup and plate into a stitcher's caddy. My aunt made me a candlestand two summers ago from a saucer on top of a pretty water glass, and I liked the idea of repurposing items like that. I was going to give this teacup and plate to an exchange partner, but I found a chip, and I couldn't see giving that away to someone, knowing it was flawed. And while I was thinking of what to do with a chipped cup and not quite matching plate, it struck me to do this stitcher's caddy. I can make an ort collector out of the cup (or a floss holder or whatever), cover it with a removeable pincushion, and then make a needlebook and attach that to the plate. I think it's doable. I already have a design for the pincushion. Heck, I already stitched the little design, and I can do the needlebook with the coordinating pattern. I asked SO to cut me out some circles from posterboard. Not because I can't do it, but because he has infinitely more patience than I and is more careful. I asked my aunt what cement she used to do her project, and bought a tube of that. I figure with some ribbon and hot glue, everything else is possible.

But that is not my only planned project.

Have I told you all how I adore the 4th of July, because it's a holiday in the truest sense of the word: a really fun day that doesn't require you to give cards or gifts to anyone, it's warm enough to actually enjoy a parade, you eat good food, you don't have to wear fancy clothes (just red white and blue ones), and things get blown up usually without a hitch. SO I LURVE PATRIOTIC THINGS. Of all kinds. I could decorate the whole house in patriotic and be blissfully happy. I actually start looking for new knick-knacks to add to the collection about this time of the year. This year, I found little patriotic buckets with lids at Michael's. $1.49, and they were on sale for less than that. So I thought I could stitch a little something and make a really cute little bucket, just perfect to sit around the house. I totally blame this on Just Nan's toppers, but they don't seem hard to do, and it's a cute decoration.

But I needed a little design to put on the top. And none of my boughten charts had that right feel of whimsical, simple, small item that I need. So I spent a cheery evening delving in my binders of freebies. Which, to be serious, I doubt are all my freebies. I know how I am, I know how many freebies I've printed over the years, but, for now, we'll go with what I got.

It actually was a fun evening for me. I told y'all how I love looking at my charts, but I didn't realize that extended to my freebies. Even though a lot of them, I wouldn't stitch anymore. I have bunches I printed off the first day I yahooed the phrase, "free cross stitch" that appealed to me because they were millenium-themed, that I don't think I would actually stitch, at least not right now. But there were a lot of really cute charts. I have scads of September 11th themed charts. Don't know about those either, but, I mean, they're beautiful charts, and I never want to forget, so those may come back on the priority list.

Of course I did not find a chart I could use. But I am going to Mom's this weekend, and surely, I'll find some of those other charts, LOL.


CindyMae said...

What a great idea for the chipped cup! That is great! I look forward to seeing a pic of it once you finish! 4th of July is a great holiday and I personally love the blowing up of things! LOL I love to look through all my patterns and freebies! Collecting patterns is a totally seperate hobby! LOL

Bronny said...

I'm with you on the freebie wrangling - even with a filing cabinet, they can overflow. Everytime I try to organise them, I find another one that appeals and it floats to the top of the must-do pile - only to be superseeded within hours/minutes with another.
Oh for unlimited time to stitch them all!!

Lori-Ann said...

good luck finding your chart. Umm... if you told me what size a chart you want, and if you're looking for simple....I will attempt to design something suitable. Seems to me that Sanman originals had a whack of little cuties of a partriotic design last year. Are you a member and picked them up? Just asking. :o)

Lisa said...

I enjoy reading about your "Freebie" stash. I can totally relate, for when I found all these needlework sites...and blogs...and designer websites...that FREEBIE button called my name. I would surf the "freebies" and print off the ones that - I was going to stitch for my sister, the one I was going to stitch up for my Aunt Suz, the one "I had to print off" because it was inspiration for a project I was going to do when my sister ever had a, years later I have a box of "Freebie" stash. It is fun to look through it and see how patterns changed - and how my tastes have changed over the years!
I do love your tea cup ideas - making something out of teacups is something I have never thought of before now.
Have a good one...take care!

Laura said...

Your teacup caddy idea sounds great! I hope you will post pics when you finish it.

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