13 April 2009

Back away from the peanut butter eggs


Now that the holiday is over, I have some time to blog! Yay!

Easter went well. The bunny never showed up, so I had to go get a replacement bunny for my niece. I ended up getting her a Boyds bunny. Which everyone thought was cute. It's funny. I grew up literally the next town over from where Boyds Bears were started--I can pretty much show you where the company was started--but I don't have that many of them, and they're not quite my favorite bears. But I love their cats. And the bunny was cute. Not as cute as the Bearington bunnies, but that bunny is crossing the country. Oh well, it can join mine. Her brothers got Little People; the baby showed everyone his scoop. He was happy with his cookies, and wanted one right away. SO's sister said he's just learned the word "donut", and she heard him yesterday, talking to himself, saying, "Daddy donut? Donut." She figures he was dreaming about donuts. He's the Homer Simpson baby, LOL.

My dress was a hit. It could have stood for a little bit of alteration, but I still looked good in it. My hair managed to behave for one day--amazing what you can scare hair into doing with copious applications of product, heat, and threats. But it looked pretty good, just the right amount of pouf and yet it was not frizzy. I was proud of myself; this is a huge accomplishment for a Southern girl! The only stinky thing was, I went to Mom's house to drop some things off. She's been keeping Robbie for me (I think I said this before, but I forget), and, since it had been a day since he'd seen me, he was acting like a fool, even after I made over him. He scratched the living crud out of my legs, because his toenails grow so quick. After I told him to quit it and told him he hurt me, he insisted they were love scratches. They must have been cause I had them the rest of the day. OWWWW. But at least he had the courtesy to not eat Daddy's Peeps.

I even managed to get some stitching done yesterday. No, not at dinner. I try not to bring my stitching to family events for the simple reason that we're there to celebrate. I also don't bring it on my vacations, unless we're sitting around. It's just one of my wierd quirks. But it does make sense. The more exposure of something, the more opportunity to ruin or lose it. But, in the morning, before we got going, I was stitching while SO watched the Masters. I was so pulling for Kenny Perry--I must support my Kentucky people! And then last night, I was stitching while we watched "The Sound of Music." That is one of SO's favorite movies, and he was singing along with it. He is a big man, and he was singing along to "My Favorite Things." I had to laugh when he launched into "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria." He is such a tough guy, and it just makes me giddy when he has these moments of softness. He was so cute doing it, it was hard to pay attention to my stitching. It was so sweet. His Easter card for me was mushy too. He tried to tell me that that was not his first choice and he put it back, but I told him that he never just dashes in and buys cards. He puts a lot of thought into them and I knew he liked that one the best.

I even dyed floss yesterday. Woo hoo. I got a nice red white and blue skein that I am really happy with, because it came out JUST as I had it pictured in my mind. That doesn't happen a lot with floss dyeing. Usually, you hope for the best, but it worked out right. I'll try to post a pic if it's totally dry tonight and I can put it on the tag. I was playing with black too, but it didn't turn out right. But I've actually come up with a solution for that, based on how they paint model horses. I can finally tell my mom that those July weekends at Breyerfest were worth the money and the hassle, and all those times I nearly passed out because it was hotter than Hades and I had to stand in line to get the special models (for some reason, I never actually passed out, THANK GOD, just got really close. It was embarrassing enough to walk around with a red face. Can you imagine if I had actually fainted while wearing one of my University of Kentucky tee shirts, while my parents were somewhere else, usually trying to keep Chancey from eating horse poop, which she dearly LOVES, 500 miles from home? I would have been a discredit to my family name, my University and my dog!) were worth it, because they're helping me be a better dyer.


CindyMae said...

Would love to see pics of your floss you died!!!

Pumpkin said...

You should have posted a picture of your new dress!

Glad to hear your Easter was nice. It was snowing/raining/sunny here. The weather was all mixed up.

You went to Breyerfest!!!! How come I didn't know this????

Meari said...

Glad you had a good Easter!

Rachel S said...

I was a Breyerfest veteran. Went to all but one up until 2004, and then I bought a car and couldn't afford to collect other than the Christmas horses. It was fun, other than almost passing out, LOL.

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls