02 April 2009

Make your own floss drops

Sometimes, as I roll through life, I have moments of brilliance. Usually these are obscured my hours of blah, but today, one stuck.

I had to buy price tags and a hole punch today. They're for my floss dyeing (I swear that word NEVER looks right), at least til I get myself to the point where I can afford to buy a better system. And I bought a hole punch, because obviously, they don't have holes, since most people buy tags to write prices on, not put floss on. It's not a permanent solution. But it will get it done, and get me over one of my last major hurdles in starting (and has that ever been a hurdle--got the talent, got the drive, need something to put the floss on).

Of course I had to fondle them right away, because new toys are fun to play with.
Now I had been a little hesitant to invest in 1000 large price tags. This floss dyeing might not take off. I only bought so many because 100 were 4.99, and 1000 were 26.99, and it made sense from a unit pricing standpoint to go with more. And the hole punch made the little hole really well. And I had to show a coworker, because it looks odd to be playing with those sorts of things. she wanted to know how the floss was supposed to look, so I grabbed a skein of plain DMC and showed her.

Y'all, it looked so good. And it took all of two seconds to get it on the tag. When I have bought floss drops in the store, they're expensive. These are much cheaper. and there is plenty of room to write on them. No more jamming the writing in at the top of the bobbin. Pretty cool.

And they sell the rings at Staples. You might need a small hole punch to make the hole for the ring to go through, but still . . . This would go way quicker than bobbin winding.


CindyMae said...

Sounds like a great idea! My only problem is that I store my floss in the little boxes, so that would not work for me but maybe one day I will change my system!

Pumpkin said...

Great tip Rachel :o)

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