15 April 2009

In an organizing mood

I have all my issues of The Gift of Stitching magazine on my work computer, and the lease is about to expire, so I am trying to print them off and put them in notebooks, so that I have them neat and organized and available in case I want to do something from them. I assure you that I have religiously printed them off all this time, but I have no idea where they are and less desire to find them. Except I did get up this morning and looked in the sewing room and unearthed two issues.

You should have seen SO's face when I rolled in with five issues' worth of paper to put in binders last night. I only brought home five because that seemed like a lot of paper to carry, and I think if I do small amounts, I am not as apt to get discouraged--something tells me I've been in this situation before, I think that's how I stopped printing them off and putting them in binders in the first place, I got discouraged. Anyway, he's OK with it, it was just a honkin' lot of paper. Thank goodness since my company is moving, they have tons of old binders that they didn't want to move so they gave them to us, and I have those to put them in. Binders are expensive. but they make it all look so nice.

I visited the Online Needlework show when it opened. Not much that I was really interested in. Primitive stitching, maybe, but even that was one of those things I can back burner. But I bookmarked the site. I'm trying to be responsible, not stupid.

OHHHHH, I got my order from I am very pleased with it. Sometimes I sit and wonder if it's so smart to buy fabric online, since there are so many quilt shops around here. And you have to pay for shipping. Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't be better to just shop hop. But it's hard to find a variety of fabrics in your chosen need at any one shop (unless it's the Quilted Cat, then I dare you to walk out with empty hands) and my car gets good gas mileage, but not great, so $4 shipping equals a 40 mile trip in the car, but then I don't have to actually be in the car (I am starting to hate being in the car; this is why I don't go to the mall, we don't go out to eat and I went to the grocery store for the first time in two weeks this morning, and that was only because SO would have had to choose between frozen meatloaf from a year ago, Jiffy blueberry mix, cheesy crackers we bought to go camping last fall, or feta cheese for dinner tonight) and I don't have to haul bolts of fabric around. So I guess, it really is a savings. Especially when the fabric is so nice. I have to really cut back on buying fabric for a while, especially since I am not using the machine. I told Mom I wanted a breadmaker, and she said, "Well, don't ask me for one, since you haven't used the sewing machine we bought you." AGGGGGGGHHHH. I am pretty sure she feels the same way about the Kitchenaid mixer I would sell my soul for. Only with that, she taunts me: "You know they had that Kitchenaid stand mixer on QVC as a special buy. It looked really nice." That mixer is not the same as the sewing machine. How can I explain to her that that sewing machine is SCURY, it's fancy. It's like handing a 17 year old the keys to a Ferrari. Yes, I know the basics of sewing, and I did get an A in costume design, but that doesn't mean I am the sewing goddess. With the mixer, it makes you feel like a more competant cook. With the sewing machine, somehow I bypass the cute dresses I made in college and revert to the gawky 11 year old making an UGLY gingham sundress(blue gingham, in the 1980s, what was I thinking) for the 4-H fair. It was so ugly. I think my mom still has it. That dress singlehandedly sparked my interest in fashion, because I never wanted to own such an ugly garment again, especially after I wore it to school with a white buttondown shirt, and penny loafers and white socks (go on with my badself!) I am going to TRY to use the sewing machine. I have my pretty shirt pattern. I found some butter yellow eyelet. It can't be that hard to sew, like riding a bike, right? If worse comes to worse, I can always wear a white buttondown. Can't look any worse than I did in junior high.


Meari said...

When I first subbed to TGOS, I printed them out, but then I figured "Why?" I saved mine on my work 'puter too. Instead I burned them to a CD and took it home. I only print off a few designs I'm really interested. It saves a few trees and lots of space on my shelf.

Annie said...

That's a lot of paper! I would have gone with a thumb drive myself.

Your sewing story is funny. But I think you can conquer your fears and sew something on that new machine. The first time is always the hardest!

Kathy A. said...

I roared laughing as I read your adventures with your sewing machine and your gingham dress. My school sewing project was a red and white checked blouse with puffy sleeves. I cursed that thing to the moon and back again. I did not sew again until I was in my 50's.

Pumpkin said...

Oh boy! That would be a lot of paper! I've just saved mine to disk. If I want something, I'll go print it off. Too much hassle for me ;o)

Ahhhh, your story brings back many memories from Junior High sewing class. LOL!

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