01 April 2009

Fabric stash

The sewing machine was not a good idea.

I haven't used it yet. I'm scared of it. I need SO's mom to show me how to use it.

All it has caused me to do is to start buying fabric. I have a mighty stash of fabric. Stuffed in the closet, behind the couch, next to the bed. But I have to have it, I swear.

I've been ogling the fabrics at for the last couple months. Someone recommended them as a good source. I have been searching for jellybean fabric for some Easter finishes. It's funny, I am not a huge jellybean fan, but I'd give my right arm for them on a piece of fabric. And I found it at Equilter. They seem to have pretty much any kind of fabric you could want. Easter, Halloween, fall. I typed in "squirrel" and they had SQUIRREL fabric.

They carry blue fabric, with snowflakes. Not only are they snowflakes. They have Elvis' face on them. Now, when I saw the Elvis snowflake fabric, I could not figure out what someone would use that for, and then I realized I had the perfect chart. A 12 Days of Christmas Sanman chart, from 2004 that says, "I'll have a Blue Christmas Without You." PERFECT. And if you had 1950's themed ornaments, that would work as well. I could so run with this.

And the prices seem reasonable. At least you are not running around, looking. My aunt and I spent the better part of two days two years ago fabric shopping. Not such an easy proposition to find Halloween fabric in early July at Joanne's. Waste of gas. This way, no traffic, no fuss, just cool, clicking buttons, and fabric at the door.


CindyMae said...

Don't be scared of the sewing machine, it won't bite to hard! Actually I totally understand what you are saying. I do not sew much and when I do, I get really nervous! But I am sure that you can handle it especially if someone can show you how to work it. The idea you have with using the Elvis snowflake fabric is excellent!

Annie said...

You always seem like such a brave person to me... even your daily commute would scare me! So I'm surprised the sewing machine intimidates you. I think its bark may be worse than its bite.

Pumpkin said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I really didn't need to see that fabric website! LOL!

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