05 November 2010

Return to Sleepy Hollow

After it took so long to do the center section of Sleepy Hollow (two and half years), I wasn't in a hurry to start the side sections, but, last week, while I was on vacation, I decided to start one of them. I picked the Van Tassel's farm side, and I am amazed at how quickly it is stitching up. This is 3 days' progress at most--I stopped working on it Saturday, and just picked it up last night after finishing Halloween Costume--but it is FLYING along.

This is the cheeriest panel of the three, and the large runs of color aren't quite as large as they are on the other two. I do see, however, that I am going to have to do something to the porch jack o' lanterns so that it's obvious they're carved. And I'm a bit worried about how the roof will look since I couldn't match the London fog floss exactly. What I will have to do is work the new skeins in, so that it looks like the difference in color is just part of the effect. I think it will look OK, but I just have to be a bit less trusting of the chart in the future. It said this just needed one skein, and it's obvious to me that it needs more than that. I didn't know I was an extravagant stitcher, but I don't want to run out.

I'm starting to think about Christmas stitching now. I have a friend who is putting up her tree for the first time in a long time this year. I'd like to stitch her an ornament to celebrate the occasion. And I really want to do a freebie from Sanman, Candy Cane seeds, to give to the families to hang on their trees this year. I'd like to have them done in time to give them on the day we go to get the Christmas tree, in early December. So, need to get to stitching. ANNNNDDDD, there is the still the matter of the bazillion ornaments I have stitched and not finished this year, that need finished. Hmmm, what's a girl to do . . . .


Stephanie M. said...

It is looking great!! You are making real progress. I have a project similar that seems like it is taking forever...well I guess it

Shelleen said...

You are coming along on this. Keep up the progress.

Pumpkin said...

Gee, you're really put a good dent in this panel!

Candy Cane Seeds is a 'sweet' design and a good choice for something you want to stitch up more than once :o)

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