22 November 2010

Twas the weekend before Thanksgiving . . .

and all through Crazyville, things were hap'nin! Left-brain went with a friend to a racing event in southern Maryland and they camped, so I was all by myself. I did my best to fill the time!

Saturday morning, I went to see Robbie and Chancey and get some new pictures. It was maybe not the best day to do so, LOL. Poor Chance. She just looks motley. Her thyroid condition makes her look slightly off all the time, anyway, and it doesn't help that she has that little thingy on her eye. It doesn't bother her, and the options to remove it didn't seem very savory, so we left it alone. She also has a pretty gnarly scar across her nose, courtesy of my brother's dog. And it doesn't help that she is greying. I told her it was nothing a bit of Miss Clairol and some plastic surgery wouldn't fix. She is still my girl and I tell her scars are tattoos with more interesting stories.

Robbie's recovering from a fall of hot spots. The vet gave him a really bad haircut to fix one of them. This is much improved from when it was new, but he now has a cowlick on his tiney hiney. He is embarrassed. I told him we'd cover it when he went to see Santa. He appreciates that--he states he has a reputation to uphold.

I managed to get them together for a picture on the back stoop. Pardon the construction dust--there was some badly needed repair work being done. Robbie looks a bit depressed, but he was OK. He just doesn't like being told to hold still.

It was opening weekend at the theatre I work at. All in all, it was not bad. I saw the show Friday night, and it was so good. The sets were magnificent, our cast brought their Broadway credentials into their performance and it was wonderful. I am not ashamed to say, I cried a little at the end because I loved it so much. And I bought myself a locket to wear when our VIPs came for the opening night party on Saturday night. They decorated the theatre for the holidays and turned it into a enchanted fairyland. How could one not be excited coming for a visit.

This is what you see if you drive down the road, projected onto the side of the actual theatre. I am ashamed to say I have worked at the theatre for three years, and only just figured out where they project the gobo from.

These are some of the snowflakes hung in the trees. They will be so beautiful if it snows. I'd like to ask where they got them, but thought better. They looked kinda busy.

Yesterday was our first cookie-baking run of the season. Caesar helped. I put his binky (our old mattress pad) on the kitchen floor and he joined me. It was exhausting work for him--he watched me get the ingredients for oatmeal butterscotch cookies out and immediately lay down.

When confronted about his lack of help, he claimed he was providing moral support, and wagged his tail. It was a pretty lame attempt.

He perked up when I started putting the cookies on the sheet. He asked me if I could let him lick the beaters. I told him absolutely not.

To which I got the "poor pitiful pitbull" face. It's taken years, but I'm immune to this face.

Now, it was not all mayhem, foolishness and canine hijinx. I got a lot of stitching done in between baking.

I held off showing off Spooky Time til I had the charm to finish it. I found little ghost charms on Ebay, and it worked perfectly for this when I put it on the 28 count Monaco

I finished Snowy Pines this morning. It gave me a lot of trouble that I hadn't been anticipating, but I love it. I will try to get it finished this week, so I can start putting up the tree this weekend.

And I started on the Christmas Bells Hanging Pillow from The Sampler Girl's "Kitty Kringle's Pattern Book for Christmas." The Christmas carol is rapidly becoming one of my favorite themes. I'm stitching it with the recommended thread, but on some opalescent aida I had in stash. I was originally going to stitch this for myself and hold off til January, but I am giving this to a friend who is putting up a Christmas tree for the first time in a long time this year. I hope she likes it.

Was it any wonder that the dogs were cutting up? It was a big beautiful full moon last night. We had a few light high clouds, and it was just amazing to sit and watch the moon. Left-brain came home and said he'd watched it the whole drive up.

Hopefully, this week will be a bit quieter. I'm planning on doing much finishing over the next few days. Metro Crazyville will be having the town Christmas parade, and we are going to that on Saturday night--it's my first Christmas parade, and I really want to be more appreciative this year. Left-brain claims he's going to clean out the garage this weekend, so I am sure I will be helping with that. Maybe it won't be so quiet. . .


Vicky said...

Great post Rachel :) Love the dog pics LOL

Meari said...

Loved the doggie pics! (and stories)

Your stitching looks great.

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls