04 October 2007

Day 3 of CATS

I realized I hadn't finished the retelling of my story about CATS.

Saturday came WAYYY too soon. I think we could have spent another week at Hershey and it wouldn't have been long enough. We got up and carried all the bags out to the car, then checked out of our motel. It was a bummer, because I realized I can't say when I'll get up there again. And it's so nice. If I had a job that was more, how do I phrase this, transferable across industries, I would think about moving up there. But come to think of it, our company does have an office up near there . . . HMMMM.

Anyway,they were selling the Dazor lights from the classroom for $99, so Mom wanted one. They marked them down from $349, so it was a good deal, and they are nice lamps. She also wanted a stitching frame from Images Stitchery, so we bought that and got it and the lamp out to the car.

Then we were off to Hersheypark. They have a great gift shop there, full of Hershey's stuff. We went crazy. I bought scandalous amounts of chocolate. We had to get something for my brother for putting up with Robbie all weekend. And we bought something for my dear Aunt B. And of course some chocolate for ourselves. I also got a really cute t shirt with a chocolate soldier.

Realizing that our time was running short, we went back to the Lodge and I got to sit and stitch for a while. It was nice, but sad. I don't want CATS to end. I don't want to not have that experience. I loved it. I've loved CATS every year. It hurts my heart.

I still don't have all my purchases put away. It was a lot to absorb.


Mindy said...

I'm bummed about this being the last one at Hershey. I've been spoiled for the last 4 years, only have to drive about 90 minutes to get there. Karri and I (I'm not sure if you met my friend Karri) are tentatively planning to go to the Celebration of Needlework show in Nashua, NH. I may even take a class. I should take a class on Hardanger so that I can stitch my "Haunted Hardanger" chart. I'm sure I could teach myself, but when it comes to cutting fabric threads I want to be sure I'm doing it correctly.

Pumpkin said...

That's wonderful that you had a great time. It's too bad that it will be the last CATS. Maybe you can hope they'll resume some day :o)

Chocolate. More talk about chocolate!

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