10 October 2007

No time to Stitch

I meant to sit down and stitch last night, but we had to go to Lowes and it was late when I got home. I gave Mom the SNN kit from this month, I am trying to do what it takes to get her to stitch, it ain't easy, let me tell you. So I worked on her tabletopper for the hour I had left before bed. I used the wrong color the other day, so had to pick out 4 motifs and redo them. So that has slowed me down and bummed me out, but I'm back on track. I reused the thread I picked out to do a turkey, (don't tell the cross stitch police), so we should be OK and haven't wasted too much floss.

I am working on Sleepy Hollow at work. I had to come in early because I am training at my PT job this week, so have to make up time. I got to work at 7:30, so had a half hour to burn, and so worked a little bit on it. It's going to be a big time-consuming project, I see that, but it will be awesome when it's finished. I bought a book of Washington Irving's collected works yesterday--it was a bargain at $6.95--so I am going to read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow in conjunction with working on it. I've read it before, I seem to remember as a child, I had a little record player and Mom bought me all the old stories to listen to and read in simplified versions. Sleepy Hollow, IIRC, is a pretty scary story, and was probably really sophistocated for an 8 year old to be reading, but I still remember at the end, "all that was left was the remains of a smashed Halloween pumpkin." Ohhh, that still sends shivers up my spine!

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Pumpkin said...

I can't wait to see some pictures!!!! I've got that pattern but no fabric yet...

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