15 October 2007

The Truly Tremendous Turkey Tabletopper

Thisdesign is what I was supposed to be working on at lunch. Note I say, supposed to because I was apparently too quiet blissfully stitching at my desk, so people had to talk to me. DARN IT! I wonder if there is a way to politely say to people, "I am stitching right now and do not want to be bothered with your chat about how it sucked the Redskins lost, how good the movie you saw this weekend was and if it really is a sin to buy a knockoff Gucci bag from the man at the Farragut North Metro station." I have my own strong opinions about all of these topics (no, it didn't suck, but it did suck that Dallas lost, I am glad you liked the new Tyler Perry movie, but I am on a budget and won't see it til it comes on TNT, and if I thought it was a sin, I wouldn't have bought that bag, I think it's a far bigger sin to pay $1000 for a REAL Gucci bag), but I wanted to stitch. And when I got done with the talk, it was time for work. Arrrgh

Mom fell in love with Dutch Treat Designs at CATS. She bought three kits for yours truly to do for her. I think I blogged about this before. They aren't all my favorite designs to stitch, but I don't like EVERYTHING any designer puts out. But I do have to say, based on this kit, they are a really good value. We have everything in this package, Anne cloth,chart, two needles (though in fairness, I of course immediately lost one in the couch), all the threads, including the perle cotton for the nun stitch. And it has the directions for nunstitching, which are slightly confusing, but not that much. I pretty much think this is a kit that you can purchase and finish for $35, plus tax and shipping, if you are not like my mother and buy like crazy at the show. Because, really, you don't even have to have it finished in addition to the cost of the supplies, and the nun stitch is really easy to do, so why would you?

I am going to work on this tonight, just to get some headway on it. The only thing I find a titch confusing is making sure the x's go the same way, but even that's workable. I think the people who entered theirs in the fair and got nothing, they probably didn't have their x's facing the right direction. I assume . . .

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Pumpkin said...

That's cute! I haven't been over to her website for awhile now. I bought her breast cancer afghan pattern. Yes, another afghan ;o)

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