12 May 2008

Another good weekend of stitching

I am house-sitting this week, and got to spend pretty much the whole weekend stitching. I highly recommend it! All I got out of bed for was to let the dogs in and out and then go to the grocery store.

I got some progress on SOHRH done. I am working on the compass in the center section. There has to be a typo on that. The flower uses 407 and 3858. I switched out the 3858 to 815, but on the photo the part that is 407 appears to be gold. 407 is not a gold. It's a pale pumpkin color. I even cross-referenced how 407 was used in other squares and it's not the same. So I made an executive decision and decided to stitch that with 3852. It's a gold color, and looks really good with the other colors. I plan on working on it at the get-together. We'll see . . .

I also did some good progress on BF's stocking. I had planned to have it finished by the end of the week, but I got mad at him last week, and this fell by the wayside. But I want to get it finished so I just sucked it up and got working on it yesterday. The stocking is from this book (it's on the cover, on the left):

and all that green in the tree is driving me nutcakes. I am almost down to the bottom though, so I can see the end. Hopefully by the time SO comes back, I'll just have the toe to do. That will still give me time to get it to the finisher in time for the fair.


Pumpkin said...

Love to see pictures :o)

~Julie~ said...

Yippeeeee!! I'm glad you had a much-needed stitchathon, Rachel!! You work so hard, and you deserved it! I'm going to keep the SHOHRH in my memory bank, because I *do* plan on getting that chart one of these days. I'll have to remember where that boo-boo is on the chart when I stitch it. =)


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