26 May 2008

Tea Party photos

From the Stitcher's Tea Party. I am on the top step, right hand side by the pillar, in the blue hat.

I am so glad I got the car washed. It's in the pic of us at the tables, on the right side, it's the black one. I realize at this distance you can't tell if it's really clean or not, but if your car is going to end up on the Internet, it's good to be clean.


Hi! I'm Michelle said...

I am so glad you posted photos and told us which stitcher you are! I've seen you and your hat in other photos posted from the weekend, and you look like you had such a good time!! Put me down as completely jealous! :)

Kathy A. said...

wow you all look grand. That sounds like such fun and it looks like everyone had a good time. Your sheep on that gorgeous fabric are lovely. Good work

Pumpkin said...

Fabulous! It looks like you had such a fun day :o)

~Julie~ said...

Hey Rachel. =) Looks like everyone had a spectacular time! I'm so glad you posted pictures!

And I for one CAN tell your car is sparkly-clean. LOL =) It has that "just brushed" look that white teeth get in the purdy Crest commercials.
: giggle :


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