06 May 2008


Do you have any pieces that you would liked passed on to future generations as family heirlooms?

This is not the right week to ask me this question, as I am having to do some hard thinking about whether or not I want to have children. If I do, then I have some choices I have to make in my personal life. If not, then this is a moot point. There will be no one to pass the pieces to.

I guess, in the end, I do want to have some things passed, but not to nieces and nephews. Probably the major thing I would want passed is the piece I did in memory of Gramma, Iris & Friends.

Now of things I've stitched, I would like, and hope Brea will do this, for her to pass the piece I did for Stitcher's World's Red Cross Auction for September 11th to someone who will take care of it.Design for Red Cross auction I designed this piece (I know, it's pretty simple) and it has a very precious and personal meaning to me. The first few weeks after the attacks, it was really rough, and I take things so personal. I got panic attacks fairly frequently, and when I would, I would sing that song to myself as a prayer to God to take care of us. And it has a letter about my experiences on that day tucked in the back; I thought it was important to document what I went through because I worked for a security company with lots of buildings downtown and around the Pentagon, and we were on the front lines. Someday, someone might want to hear that. So, B, don't put that out at a yard sale, please.


MsB said...

I promise that I would never let that go. It is in a prominate place on the microwave stand in the kitchen. It warms my heart when I see it because I think of you. :)

~Julie~ said...

*sniff* Rachel I reallyyyyyyyyy like that design. It is special, and you can really tell your heart was poured out into the design. Bless you for making such a lovely memorial piece. : sniff again :


PS---are you selling it? (The Chart I mean)

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