08 September 2008

The box approach is working

I am starting to see good progress on the geisha's skirt. I mean, really good. It is starting to make sense and falling together right. I am pretty happy with it.

One thing I noticed is that the piece is a little dirty and discolored. There is a difference in color between the floss on the part that was done in 2001, and the part I just put in. I am not panicking, I am not even worried about it. It was in an unfinished basement for 7 years, bound to make anything a titch grungy, plus it's been handled. The dogs ran on it. The cats have been on it--they're cats, they like to be with me. But it does serve to undermine the importance of trying to keep your hands clean while stitching. Because, I assure you, I didn't ever pick it up with grubby hands or let muddy beasts near it, but it got a little grungy and over time, that got heightened. But, it's not worth worrying about. I wash my finishes (at least the ones not with overdyed threads) with dish detergent and they normally come right.

Oh, and I've been camera shopping, at least online. Since my tires were so reasonably priced, I think I can afford one. At least a mid-priced one. I think I want to stick with a Sony, since that is what I am used to and I'm not trying to be a pro photographer here, just trying to show my work off. So we'll see. I'm also trying to save up to go to the beach with SO on Columbus Day weekend. I want to go to Chincoteague, Virginia and that is probably a good time to go. The leaves will be turning on the Eastern Shore, there won't be as many people there, trying to get back over the Bay Bridge at the same time. These are all pretty important things to take into consideration. I would like to have the camera then, but if not, my brother will let me use his.


Pumpkin said...

There seems to be good products out there now that can help clean your pieces. I'm sure it will come out.

Sounds like a fun vacation that you're planning :o)

Suzanne said...

Hi Rachel,

I have a Sony Cybershot digital camera that is about 3-4 yrs old now and I absoloutely love it. I have a Sony (well, Vaio) computer and was told to get a Sony camera to make sure they are compatible. It takes awesome pictures. A friend just bought a new camera and she got it at Target...not sure you have them there, but she got a great deal and it seems to be a good's a Polaroid. Good luck finding something you like...I could not live without my camera! :)

suzanne815 on the 123 board

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