05 September 2008

This is not funny, LOL

This is new from LHN. And I am on a budget. The good news is, though, my tires are only $77 each with free install. Woo hoo. I think we take it in on Monday.

Please keep those of us in the Mid-Atlantic in your thoughts. We have a tropical storm blowing through. My mom was busy getting stuff up off the floor in the basement and outside this morning, and my aunt was out trying to get ready. We're pretty storm ready on the whole here, but still . . . .


Anonymous said...

Hi, Rachel,

I've been thinking about you and your family concerning Hanna. I'm up in southern Delaware, and they (re: "officials") have been clucking at us all day about the storm. Yeesh, you'd think we had never seen a tropical storm before -- don't those guys know what a "nor-easter" is, lol?

Anyway -- just wanted to let you know I hope you and your family make it through okay.

With kindest regards,

Pumpkin said...

I KNOW! I love it and I'll probably cave...

How did you make out with the storm? We are inland enough that all we got was some rain but not a lot like the coast did.

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