25 September 2008


I forgot I hadn't mentioned these.

These are from The Silver Needle in Oklahoma and are very limited edition monthly kits. I've never been to the shop, but they have some adorable kits. Especially since Brooke Nolan started designing for them. I don't like every kit. I am not that big on Santas, so the Christmas ones aren't always my cup of tea (but then again, the one in 2006 had a mouse, and me likey mice veddy much). But I have liked a lot of the recent ones. And the Halloween and summer ones are awesome. Consistently AWESOME.

And they come with recipes. This month was Smores brownies.

As far as price goes, they are worth the cost. I was figuring the other night, til you factor in the buttons, and the fabric, and the threads (always specialty, usually Rainbow Gallery), it's gonna run about $16 for the stuff, and I usually have left over. I was thinking yesterday at the hospital how to use up the leftovers. If anyone can think of a design that incorporates 3 years of leftover Fuzzy Stuff, Fyreworks, and very velvet, please let me know!

AND my favorite part, you can sign up and never have to talk to them. This is pretty awesome on the whole!


Pumpkin said...

Ahhhh...that's what it is! I would be SOOOO poor if I signed up for those. LOL! I've always admired them though.

riona said...

I used to subscribe ... oddly, I stopped because I didn't care for the Brooke Nolan designs ... I found them too fussy and cute ... I liked the cleaner, simpler designs of the Silver Needle gang themselves. I used to stitch up most of my SNN projects as seasonal banners for the classroom. I had a complete set for myself and made another for my niece who is also a teacher.

As for using the leftovers, look at designs like Cross-Eyed Kats' Modern Art Dogs and Modern Art Cats ... I took design elements from those designs and made small gift bags, eyeglass cases, etc. using SNN leftovers in a single color way. Another way to go is to use them in small projects like biscornus or ornaments, substituting them for ordinary flosses of similar colors ... to add a bit of flash. Or you could find a sampler like Debbie Draper Spots of Fun and use a different fiber for each motif and then finish the whole project as a tote bag or a pillow. I have even used some of the metallic ribbons like Fyrewerks as part of my finishing details: as hangars, bows or ties on ornaments.

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