11 September 2008

A finish for me

I know I am supposed to be focusing on my geisha, but I left her in my car on Monday night after I got out of the gym, and since I was too exhausted to go out and get her, I decided to start "Cats" by Val's Stuff. I've had it forever, but never started it and, when I went to look at it the last time, the buttons were broken. And, believe me, that makes me so mad--they were Mill Hill Buttons and not cheap. So I decided to finish it before it got further wrecked. Fortunately, I have buttons I can use that I bought at Michael's, so it's not a loss. I was trying to figure out how to handle the frame, because they use a Hog River frame that is really pretty on the cover, but Hog River is out of business now, so can't get the frame. But VeeandCo makes pretty frames, so I'll see if she can make me one.

I still have to order my SS's last gift for our exchange. I picked out some pretty Vikki Clayton silks for her that I hope she'll like. And I have to mail my schoolbox exchange. I hope my partner likes that. I think I took good care of her.

I am going to really try very hard to not buy new stitchy stuff. I have a really good reason. I found a place nearby that offers horseback riding lessons for a reasonable (or at least I think it's reasonable) price, and I have really really wanted to get back into riding for the last couple years. I did it when I was a kid, but I got out when it started They even offer the opportunity to purchase a share of a horse, and I always sorta felt I could really get in shape if I could just have access to a horse more than once a week. But the chance to have that requires that I cut back somewhere, and so I think I better cut back on the stitchy stuff. No more trips to the LNS, no more Ebay. At least for a few months. And I do have to admit, I've found more projects by looking through my stash the last few days than at the LNS. And since they're kitted up already or kitable, it's saving gas. LOL


Annie said...

This should be interesting. We'll see how long you can hold out!

riona said...

I know what you mean about cutting back on the "stitchy stuff" ... I have set a limit myself: to purchase only 10 charts in 2008 ... mainly because I have over 75 charts and 4 complete kits and 5 class pieces in my stash ... not to mention binders of filled with complimentary charts and charts in magazines and books. I knew I couldn't go cold turkey - after all, there were some series that I was working on[Workbasket's Quaker Animals and The Stitching Parlor's houses from Pride and Prejudice]and a few annuals that I always stitch {Prairie Schooler's Limited Edition Santa and Sue Hillis' Annual Charmed Santa] ... I didn't put a limit on fabric and fiber to finish what I already have in my possession, though. I have started doing more sewing finishes as opposed to framing: quilts, wall hangings, pillows, etc. as opposed to expensive framing ... even so, I guess I am still spending quite a bit but I do understand your need to place some limits if you are to pursue other passions.

Pumpkin said...

Don't you hate it when something like that breaks :o(

If I had the opportunity to have a horse again, I definitely would let up on the stash accumulation ;o)

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