18 September 2008

No stitching last night

I was very stressed yesterday, and needed some time to decompress. I was too upset to even enjoy Ghosthunters; it's pretty bad if I can't even enjoy watching Jason, he is my current celebrity crush (yes, I know he's married, yes I know I have a boyfriend, I can still drool). And it's been a while since I just walked the neighborhood. So when I got home, I took Robbie for a nice long stroll.

I have to admit, it was probably the nicest walk I have been on for a while. My sweet little guy walked so nicely, and didn't even try to growl at anyone, not even the dogs in the yards we passed. Though, there was one beagle who was flippin out, and he looked at her like, "Don't worry about me coming in your yard, I've romanced the most beautiful dogs in Europe, I am not messing with some loudmouth in a side yard." He kept turning to look at me with this loving look in his eyes as if his chief bliss in the world was to walk next to his mummy and show her off to the whole world. When we got back to the house, he didn't want to go inside. He wanted to roll in the front yard (I must be a parent, because I looked at him rolling and wondered how many fleas he was picking up, LOL).He looked so sweet there in the grass, happy to be with me and his grammy.

But I couldn't sit to stitch. I started the Britty Kitty ornament from JCS Halloween issue for my exchange partner yesterday morning, but I couldn't force myself to sit and do it. So I went and read for a while.

Today was what was supposed to be my final dental appointment. Note I said supposed. It wasn't. That is in 3 weeks. The permanent teeth were not right. My dentist wasn't happy with the color. I am not pleased with the shape. Apparently the lab mistook my directions of, "No Chiclet teeth" to mean, "No, Chiclet teeth" because these teeth are horrendous. I realize that there are way worse problems going on in the world right now than the fact that the lab made me teeth that are fit for a horse, but . . . I was so upset. The dentist said, "Of course they're not your teeth, but if you liked your teeth, you wouldn't have had this done." Which is fine, and true, except . . . I haven't been through all this to end up with Mr. Ed's teeth. SO said you couldn't tell from the photo I sent him, but I know. I've seen enough celebrities and makeover shows to know these aren't right. My dentist is going to try to make them more "feminine"--didn't the lab see I had cute little teeth from the original molds? But all I can say is this, nothing is being cemented in my head, not at $3600, not at $1500, not for free, that I am not happy with. I am putting my flip-flop clad foot down about this. This was my dream, and it's not gonna be wrecked and it won't be a nightmare. I am NOT HAVING IT.

So, of course, I have a headache. Right behind my right eye. I did stitch at lunch, because my personal breakdown shouldn't mean my partner gets screwed for the Hallofall exchange. And the due date is on the 1st, and this is over 1 with hand-dyed floss, which makes it slow going. I'll get it done. I have his front paws done, and almost all of his head. He looks so cute.


Daffycat said...

***hug*** That really sucks! I hope their next try on the new teeth will be a winner.

Robbie sounds like a sweetie! My Sheba has ADHD on walks..."Oo, look here! Oo, look there! Sniff there ~ sniff that!" She can drive you crazy in a matter of seconds!

Your package should be in the mail on Monday...I've gotten way behind this week. Sorry!

Anonymous said...


I'm so sorry your dental appointment went so wrong today. And I, for one, completely agree with you -- you absolutely *deserve* the best. And if it ain't right, they need to fix it until it IS right. YOUR right, NOT theirs!

And I totally agree with you about Jason of Ghosthunters. When the series started way back when, I was a Grant fan. For the past two years though, it's Jason, all the way. I just *love* a man who takes control. :)

Glad you and Robbie had such a nice walk. He definitely sounds like he's very proud to have one great mom!

Take care,

Annie said...

Hang in there. The dentist and lab will get it right. They'll be afraid not to with your kind of tenacity!

And I love that Halloween ornie you are stitching. Your mojo will return too I'm sure after you calm down.

LoneStar said...

Seems like there are always bumps, hills, or mountains on the road to a dream. Hang in there!

Lisa (Texan)

Pumpkin said...

Your Robbie sounds like our Duncan. He was a show dog as well and was either first or second in Canada. We left him at a kennel a few weekends ago and when we went to pick him up, the other dogs were all going wild and barking and he was just sitting in the corner looking like he was too good for the lot of them :o)

I'm sorry to hear about your teeth but you're right. You're paying good money and you should get what you want.

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls