19 September 2008

Stitched just a little bit.

I was feeling absolutely dreadful last night and decided I needed a pick-me-up. Well, I know no better possible fat free solution to all life's problems than red lipstick and a new haircolor, so I dyed my hair and bought new lipstick. I actually did need to color my hair--the dentist thought I put highlights in because of all the white--so I am now a mellow golden red. They had a display of Wet n Wild lipstick at CVS, and, even though I know that it's not good lipstick, I bought me lipstick and gloss. I pondered getting glitter gel, but realized the girl in the photo display wearing the glitter gel was probably going to a ball, and I sell flood insurance and theatre tickets, and therefore don't get invited to glitter-worthy events, so probably not the best idea to purchase glitter gel. I ended up buying a hairband so I can try out that new updo that Blake Lively has been sporting. It's pretty even.

I stitched a wee little bit when I got home. I am loving this cat. He is so cute. I told Mom he (why do I think it's a boy cat? I don't know but I do.)looks like our little Lilybet. Mom insists Lily would never lay on a pumpkin. I don't know. You lay where you want to when you are the queen! But I hope my partner likes it. My plan is to mount this on a box. I don't know if it will be a paper box or a wood box, yet. It just depends on what they have at the store when I go that works better. I like doing boxes better than anything else. I did one using an ornament from an JCS issue a couple years ago and my partner liked it. She still uses it now, puts Hershey Kisses in it at Christmas. Which is pretty cool. I'll find something else to put in this, as most people who haven't grown up with Hershey's chocolate think it tastes like vomit (it kinda does, but, I mean, I'm used to it. Most Americans are used to it, LOL).

My Cubby buddy got her Schoolbox exchange. She's happy with everything. I am pleased. She liked her animal shaped rubberbands; I thought those were so cool when I saw them in Target and couldn't leave them there.


Annie said...

Hey.. Hershey's is my favorite. I may have plebeian tastes, but I do know vomit when I taste it and I just don't see the connection!

riona said...

I like some Hershey's: the Special Dark, Mr. Goodbar, Symphony Almond & Toffee ... but yeah, I'd rather have Godiva or Lindt's ... it's a good thing they are too pricey or I'd go into diabetic coma.

Daffycat said...

My favorite is Lindt and it's gotta be dark. Oh, sigh...I love chocolate.

Woohoo...I got your package mailed today! I sent it priority, so I bet it's there on Monday!

becca said...

I just bought a bag of hershey's today at the store. I LOVE them. LOL I'm with Annie..I don't see the vomit connection.

Rachel S said...

OK, I shouldn't have said that. I love Hershey's Kisses too. I guess maybe the criticism comes cause it's a little sour? But, I mean, it's good. A Hershey Bar is heaven.

Pumpkin said...

You go girl! A little pick me up is always good for the soul :o)

Hmmm...never connected Hershey chocolate with vomit. That's an intersting take ;o)

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