22 January 2010

Thoughtfully going through the fabric

Last night was a movie marathon. We watched American Gangster and Toy Story. HTB also watched Harry Potter, but I'm re-reading the books, so I skipped that one. American Gangster is one of the better movies I've seen in a while, and, as hard as this is to confess, I've never seen Toy Story. I really liked it though.

I did find a few more pieces I can use my fabric stash on. I have an old San-man freebie completed. It's yellow on a purpley-blue fabric with a spring theme--I probably was not thinking long-term when I stitched it. I have another freebie finish by Val's Stuff that I had fabric for and just never finished--a pretty gimgham-y plaid looking fabric. I thought I only had a fat quarter of it, but, when I unfolded it to see if I just MIGHT have enough for a no-sew cube, I did. Apparently, I liked it enough to invest in a half yard. Perhaps I was thinking long-term, but just am having issues remembering that way? Either way, I have enough fabric to do both pieces. And that makes me happy. And I found a strip of batting I can use to pad it, too small for anything else, but perfect for finishing. I need to stop and get some flat-headed pins tonight, get out the ironing board and the pinking shears and I should be good to go to start finishing things this evening. I know I have all that styrofoam in the garage, just waiting to become a cube, or a stand up.


April Mechelle said...

I would love to see all your fabric !!! lol sounds like you have a room full. I love fabrics too. I buy then try to match to what I have finished stitching !!! Can't help myself !!

Lizy said...

what will you be doing with all your fabrics? Well hope to see pictures of your fabrics and thank you for showing.

Pumpkin said...

Don't you just love coming across stuff that you forgot you had? :o)

Meari said...

Good luck with your no-sew cube. :) I've not seen American Gangster, but have Toy Story on VHS from when the nieces and nephew were little.

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