15 July 2010

It's like unearthing treasure

I spent an hour yesterday in the garage again, going through some boxes. I think this was one of the ones I put down there when B came to visit, because there was a hodge-podge of books, magazines and charts in there, so I separated them out, as well as the contents of a little box that I had been putting stuff in that I brought from Mom's. If nothing else, this exercise is teaching me that my filing system of "whatever is closest" is not working.

I did find a magazine that I have been searching for since I moved, because I started a project from it, and then the magazine got separated from the project. It's a beehive purse, and I had thought about frogging what I had started and using the supplies elsewhere, but now I don't have to do that. Yay for me! I rounded up a couple other MIA magazines, and am putting the magazines with the supplies, so that this doesn't happen again. My UFO pile is getting bigger but at least it's together.

After work, I rounded up all the fabric I have and put it all together, in a storage drawer. I read a while ago that people who are chronically disorganized have a tendency to repurchase items they can not find, and this adds to the problem instead of alleviating it; now we have two of the same item, and possibly credit card debt on top. One of the reasons I started this project was that I had no idea where my colored fabric was (it was in another drawer, where I never look, and I don't remember putting it in there), and it was making me heartsick and frantic. What I could find was random, stuck in boxes and bags all over the place, with no semblance of order. This bothered me a lot; the clutter is controlling me, not the other way around. Fortunately, I did figure out where I'd put all that fabric last week, and so I put all of it together last night. Now I have it all within 3 feet (there are three bags of neutral aida that didn't fit in the drawer, they're in a tote bag on the closet door, it was the best I could do). I felt delectably "rich" looking at every piece of fabric, picturing what could go on it, how I could use the tiny scraps for freebies. I am spoiled for choice, and will now be able to really ask myself if I really "need" fabric before spending money on it. I think this will be a good thing. It's a spiritual cleansing and organization, not just a physical cleansing. But this was the easy part; the hard part will come from seeing whether or not I will be able to keep it up. I think I can, if I can just find good storage pieces. The bookshelf I really loved at Lowe's, that would have held my sewing machine, and my patriotic sheep lamp, as well as stitching supplies, is not available anywhere nearby. BOOOOOGEEEEEEER. Oh, well, I will find something soon. I'm on a mission now.

In other news, my exchange partner emailed that she got her bookmark, and book. I ended up getting a Maryland ghost story book for her. She said she was looking forward to reading it. Thank you all for your help in picking that. I will try to post photos of what I sent and received in the next few days. It was a great exchange and a fun new experience stitching a bookmark. I see more of them in my future.


natalyK said...

Your mission for organization led me on my own venture to staighten my craft closet. I can now walk in a browse all of my stash in a neat and tidy space. Thanks!

Julie M said...

Organization is a wonderful thing. I have lost temporarily the chart for SB's Holy Night and I needed to have it yesterday. If I had put it away when I was done with it I would have known where it was. Couldn't find the thing anywhere. Hope you are able to stick with being organized!

Missy aka Birdy said...

I lost myself today in my walk-in craft closet. Then like a sign from above my Jo-Ann's flyer arrived advertising organizers on wheels!! LOL I may just have to get a few.

Vicky said...

I have started organising too, and it was amazing how many knitting needles of the same size that I found LOL

Bette said...

Your comment about buying new stuff cause you can't find the old hit a nerve. I have that problem as well. Especially with thread. Now that my charts are basically organized, I guess I'll work on the threads next.

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls