09 July 2010

A little bit of progress

Bear Hugs the other day.

Today's progress. Starting to fill in Mei Xiang's face. Tai Shan has a complete head. And starting to fill in some of the greenery around the back of them. The background uses mostly DMC variations, so it's fun. It's kind of exciting to be working with a variegated thread I don't have to be uber-thrifty with, LOL.

It was kind of neat last night. I was working on this at the theatre, and one of our patrons came up. He saw the book, with the cheetahs on the front, and asked if that was the one I was working on. I told him no, that I was working on pandas. He frowned and said, "Oh, those pandas . . . it's all about the pandas." He worked with other animals and was a polar bear fan himself. I explained a bit that I was doing it to remember Tai Shan. He forgave me. Then we got to talking about the animals we loved at the zoo. It was just kinda fun. We found out that it's too hot here for polar bears. Interesting. Anyway, it's always neat to see the kinds of conversation stitching can lead to . . . and the connections that can be made just by using floss and fabric.


Annie said...

I love polar bears and was really sorry when they left the DC zoo long ago. I know this isn't their climate and it was the right thing to do, but that didn't make me miss them less.

The panda piece will be a nice tribute. And DMC variations are fun ... color fast too... another plus in addition to the price!

Missy aka Birdy said...

Really starting to take shape. I live an hour's drive from the Columbus Zoo which has just opened a Polar Bear exhibit. I'm looking forward to visiting them very soon. I think I look forward to going to the Zoo more than any child could. LOL I never tire of going and learning. I wish I could live there. :) Heck I grew up in a Zoo with all of my brothers and sisters. LOl


Bette said...

The pandas are looking good. Will enjoy watching their progression. And believe it or not we have 2 polar bears at the zoo in Tucson. They seem to be doing fine and hopefully the plan is to have them mate and see if they can have a cub.

Lizy said...

Looks like the bears are all getting their ahape and nice conversation.

Carol said...

We have polar bears here at the Pittsburgh zoo, Rachel, but even here, it is too hot for them. I felt sorry for them during this latest heat wave!

Your little pandas are going to be so cute!

Kathy A. said...

Beautiful progress. Yep, you never know what a sttiching piece will lead to.

Siobhan said...

There's a polar bear exhibit at the Philadelphia Zoo. I always feel so bad for them, especially in the mid-Atlantic heat.

Nice progress!

Julie M said...

We keep trying to get Polar Bears here at our zoo but so far it's a no go. Would love to see them in person sometime.

I always find it interesting the conversations that arise from stitching in a public place.

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