16 July 2010

Shaking it up on a Friday

Greetings from a well-blended Maryland this morning. We had an earthquake this morning, centered in the northern part of the county. I didn't feel it, but my BIL-to be did. As did my co-workers. They said it felt like a truck going by. As long as it's little ones, that's OK. I would like to experience a small quake, nothing major. We got nothing in my neck of the woods--the dogs were restless and howling last night (I had to tell them to cut it out IMMEDIATELY), and still concerned when I got up this morning. I just attributed it to their daddy going away for the weekend, but maybe they sensed something?

Anyway . . . a picture post for today. I didn't stitch last night. I was cleaning the house and went grocery shopping, and it was 12:30 til I laid down. Hopefully, I will get time this weekend.

This is the exchange I sent my partner, Eileen. She said she liked the bookmark. Maybe it will go in a book she reads to her grandchildren. I'd like to think that. And that ghost story book is pretty good, and doesn't have the same stories that they tell over and over about Maryland. I'd like to have sent her Wierd Maryland, but that book is HUGE and heavy.

And the panda progress. I've been filling in Mama's face and working on the foliage. Pumpkin had asked about the aida. I am not completely sure, but I think it is Misty Blue aida. I know it's not a hand-dyed, but it's hard to tell the color on the computer screen. It's in the range of 927 DMC. I hope that helps. I didn't like the blue they used in the model, and I thought this would be much better. I think the fabric change gives this a feeling like they're playing on a misty morning--the other color didn't make me feel that.

Hope everyone is having a great day.


Julie M said...

We had an earthquake once in Wyoming when we lived there many moons ago. I was at work and I felt it. It wasn't huge but enough to make go Whoa! What was that? That was enough for me.

Have a great weekend!

Bette said...

The pandas are really coming along nicely. And I've often heard that animals can sense when an earthquake will occur. Yours pups were simply your early warning system.

natalyK said...

Love the progress. I can now she mom and baby's face. I agree about your fabric choice. It reminds me of a misty morning.

Annie said...

Didn't feel a thing here in Chevy Chase. Or maybe I just slept through it!

Love that little bookmark. What a cute, cute, cute design!

riona said...

Love the exchange - I'll have to get a few Maryland Ghost books for Bill ... so far he has some for various counties in NY and Virginia and Maine as well as one put out by the National Park Service about Civil War Battlefield ghosts ...
Your panda is really progressing nicely ... I'll be sending you a seperate e-mail later today ... I kept forgetting to ask my husband for the exact dates involved.

Pumpkin said...

Gee, that's the second (?) earthquake I've heard about in the past few months. Glad it was a small one. I bet the dogs did sense it.

The pandas are looking so sweet. I love that color of fabric. It's so soft looking.

Kathy A. said...

Oh, I understand about earthquakes. We had a big one in Arizona this winter and believe me - my life flashed before my eyes.
Your Maryland book looks very interesting and what a wonderful exchange gift. Very nice choice.

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